What You Need To Know About Dog Bowls?

You must choose dog bowls wisely for your pets. These bowls are categorized based on their materials and structure.

For the materials, there are bowls made of ceramic, stainless steel, plastic. If you prefer the structure, there are elevated bowls, bowls for travel, and automatic.

Ceramic dog bowls are very stylish as they are often decorated with fun designs such as a dog paw or a bone. The designs are hand painted by the artists. Plastic bowls have protective glaze, making them easy to clean. They are dishwasher-safe. However, these bowls are vulnerable to breakage.

A stainless dog bowl is the most durable according to the experts. It is also dishwasher-safe. Sometimes, the bowl is made with a non-skid rim on its bottom to prevent food or water from spilling. Its drawback is the uniformity in color and design. Many dog owners prefer the stainless bowl because it is inexpensive, practical, and durable.

Plastic bowls for dogs may not be the optimum choice because dogs can chew on them or scratch them, thus, they are easily destroyed. When they are scratched, the gap in between can be a breeding ground for bacteria.

Elevated dog bowls normally compose of 2 layers of bowls such as plastics, ceramics, or stainless steels. The stand holding the 2 pieces of bowls is metal, plastic, or wood.

Veterinarians say that using elevated bowls to feed your dogs is ideal because it prevents gastrointestinal problems. Your dogs are also comfortable eating from an elevated bowl.

One disadvantage of an elevated bowl is its price, as it is expensive. Also, there are elevated bowls with a compartment for food storage.

During a travel with your dog, bringing a travel dog bowl is very convenient. It stores food and water in a bag that you can bring with you anywhere on a trip with your dog.

This bowl is usually made of plastic covered with a polyester or similar fabric. It can be folded or collapsed to smaller sizes once it is empty.

Automatic dog bowls are a standard dog bowl -usually a plastic-attached to a container or reservoir and which is designed to keep the bowl full, as long as the container contains food.

An automatic dog bowl is convenient to have if you are constantly away and nobody is at home to take care of the feeding needs of your dog.

Nonetheless, veterinarians do not favor an automatic feeder because it does not allow you to monitor the feedings of your dog. You will never know whether your dog has eaten well or has eaten too much. Either way, it can lead to weight problems.

Although some automatic feeders are programmable to enable you to set times to dispense food, some dogs are strong enough to break the reservoir.

To best determine the best dog bowls for your pet, you have to understand their needs. Learn what is best for your dog without compromising their health. You can be practical and choose a stainless steel. You can also be lavishing and choose an automatic. If you are in between, a ceramic bowl is ideal.

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What is Day Trading?

During the dot com era of the late 1990s a 20th century version of the California gold rush emerged as literally tens of thousands turned to the stock market lured by hopes of freedom and easy money. The vast majority of these hopefuls employed the technique now commonly known as day trading. Day trading simply and correctly implies that investment positions are opened and closed during the same day.

Day traders may buy a stock in the morning with the hope of selling it later in the day for a profit. Likewise, positions may be held open for a few hours, or day traders might buy a stock and sell it only minutes or even seconds later. In general, they do not hold a stock they have purchased overnight. A day trader’s primary focus is to profit from daily market swings.

How Much Can I Make?

Most who consider day trading as a career approach the subject with unreasonable expectations. It’s not hard to understand why since there is no shortage of advertisements on television and on the internet promising outlandish returns. Consider the fact that a mutual fund manager that consistently earns 40% returns per year for her clients would probably be afforded guru status among those who have been in the business for a while. Also consider the fact that mutual fund managers have access to much better information and are more experienced than the average retail day trader. There are day traders who are making annual returns of 70%-100% or more, but it is unlikely that an inexperienced trader can expect these types of returns their first year out.

Build a Foundation Before You Begin Trading

As with the late 19th century Californian gold rush, a few struck it rich and the majority lost money. The reality of day trading is that there are inherent risks and the unprepared are especially vulnerable to losing money. This profession is not for the faint at heart nor is it for the risk averse. Likewise, day trading is not a profession for the uninformed. Success takes knowledge, money, a good strategy and deep commitment. Simply opening a brokerage account and buying stocks without a plan for where to get in, where to get out and what to do if something goes wrong is a sure fire recipe for disaster.

Every buy in the stock market has a seller on the other side and every sell in the market has a buyer. Those who are unprepared to compete in this zero-sum environment very often find out the hard way that competition is fierce. To be successful you have to be smarter than your competitor because in reality you are in a competition to take their money away from them and they are trying to take your money away from you. If you are just getting started make sure that you are committed to spending the time and energy necessary to learn your new trade and to develop your skills.

Before you run out and open an account with your online broker and start throwing money at the market in hopes of making your millions, it is important to build a foundation of knowledge, make sure that you are properly equipped and make sure that you have explored the advantages and disadvantages. Following is a list of the very basics you will need to know, acquire and consider before you risk even one dollar in the market.

Pros and Cons of Day Trading

The business of buying and selling stocks and other investments throughout the day can be exciting, risky, rewarding and freeing. Day trading offers unlimited potential profits, but it also exposes one to high amounts of risk. When deciding whether or not to commit to this profession it is wise to look at the advantages and disadvantages to determine if one is ready and willing to take the plunge.


Despite popular misconception, it is not possible to get started in the business of day trading without first gaining some foundational skills and preparing the proper tools. Before even considering risking one’s money by day trading, it is essential to gain a proper understanding of the subjects in this article.


Up until the last decade or so, access to the market and market data was limited to well-capitalized, large brokerage firms. In the internet age, information that was only available to the privileged few has now been made available to the masses, putting everyone on pretty much an equal playing field. Software and hardware needed to get started in the day trading business is widely available and relatively cheap.


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NHL Players are Entitled to Workers’ Compensation Benefits Just like Other Employees

Injuries do happen in a NHL game with head injuries the most common among hockey players. Recently, Daniel Sedin, a left-wing Canucks player was assisted off the ice after receiving a concussion from Duncan Keith’s elbow on March 21. Daniel Sedin is the most recent player to suffer from a brain injury that was caused by a co-worker. Hockey fans cannot forget Sidney Crosby, the Winter Olympics Golden Goal who spent nearly a year recovering from a head injury.

It is hard to keep track of the number of head injuries hockey players sustain during a game. The NHL is responsible for properly assessing a player’s injuries as well as taking care of them just like they were regular employees. This is when hockey players would receive workers’ compensation benefits to help pay for their hospital and medical bills. The NHL does not like to use the term such as “brain damage” when they list hockey players’ injuries. They prefer to use “concussion” when they discuss players’ head injuries.

No matter which way you slice it, it’s still brain damage. The brain is composed of delicate tissues, and when excessive force is applied to the skull, the player may experience bleeding in the brain, resetting of their neural circuits, amnesia, and more.

It is staggering how many brain injuries hockey players’ sustained within a seven year time period from 1997 to 2004. In the Canadian Medical Association Journal, there is a study that found out of 559 concussions, thirty-four percent felt dizziness, seventy-one percent had headaches, twenty-three percent suffered neck pain, twenty-four percent were nauseous, and twenty-two percent of players experienced blurred vision. An ice rink is where hockey players work, so how does it differ from a laborer working on a manufacturing line or floor? The answer is, it doesn’t.

When hockey players are injured, they can turn to us. Our attorneys are part of team that represent the Professional Hockey Players Association. Professional hockey players who have received injuries during a game can be assured that we will fight to help players to receive proper workers’ compensation benefits after they are injured. The PHPA represents over 1,600 players throughout North America to help them with, amongst other things, receiving adequate workers’ compensation benefits to pay for their wages, as well as hospital and medical bills.

There are a lot of questions and possible scenarios when it comes to professional hockey players and their injuries. But one thing is for certain, hockey players who are injured while playing deserve to receive workers’ compensation benefits. Most don’t have control over what the other player is going to do during the game, which often results in serious head injuries. That is why hockey players need to have educated, established representatives working hard on their side when their workers’ compensation claim is denied. How many more players need to sustain brain damage before outside agencies step in?

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