The Importance of an Elevated Dog Bowl

It isn’t something most people would even think twice about, but every time your dog has to go for food or water, it has to crane its neck down to reach it. This can be a painful experience and can ultimately lead to neck and spinal problems that can be disastrous for your pooch. If you are looking to prevent these sorts of problems from occurring, or they have already occurred and you are looking for a solution that will alleviate the stress your dog feels every time it has to bend down to reach its food or water, then elevated dog bowls are the answer you have been looking for!

Elevated dog bowls are designed to be a few inches or over a foot above the ground, depending on the height of your dog. Many elevated dog bowls are adjustable so you can properly fix the height of the bowls to be just perfect for your pup. When searching for an elevated dog bowl for your dog, it is important to choose carefully. Some are more sturdy than others and are resistant to being tipped over. These are the types you want to buy if you have a rowdy pup who is likely to knock over his food. Positioning the bowls strategically so that they are just below your dog’s head ensures that it won’t have to lean down unnecessarily far to reach its food. The result is that your dog is many times more comfortable while it is eating its meal or having a drink of water. A more comfortable pooch is definitely a happier pooch!

There are a wide variety of elevated dog bowls to choose from. Some are intended to be purely a fashion statement, with trendy frames that hold up the dog bowl, or with unique, colorful and artful designs. Others are created as purely a medical necessity; many elderly dogs require elevated dog bowls in order to be able to enjoy their meal with the least amount of associated pain as is possible. Raised dog bowls not only prevent problems with the neck and spine from occurring, but they also aid in your dog’s digestion of its food. This is very helpful if you are trying to avoid the messy cleanups that occur when your dog has indigestion. As well as aiding in the digestion of food, elevated dog bowls are good at preventing your pup from choking on his meal. Even if your dog doesn’t have any medical problems related to the spine or neck, it is a good idea to use an elevated dog bowl.

Larger dogs, older dogs and dogs with injuries can all benefit from Elevated Dog Bowls. When looking for the right elevated dog bowls you may want to choose one that has multiple heights, that way you can adjust it to the perfect height. If your dog doesn’t fit into this group, regular Dog Bowls will work just fine for them.

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