Super Yachts And The Super Women They Attract

Luxury yacht sales are up and its no wonder why if you dig around a little. The days of women loving fast and shiny cars are far from over, but how much more impressive is a multi-million dollar Azimut or Beneteau? Well there is more than one affluent celebrity who could tell you that a sexy yacht makes finding a sexy partner to take a trip in it with – a given.

Now it would be considered a fair argument if you proposed that top ten models and gorgeous celebrities would naturally go for any man who had the pocket change to buy a yacht in the first place. This author, however, would rebuff that point by stating that these ladies could have any guy they wanted regardless of his coin purse size, so why these guys in particular? Lets take a look at some comparisons to get a clearer idea of how: Hot Yacht = Hot Date:

Paul Allen and Laura Harring

Paul Allen is the co-founder of Microsoft, Chairman of Vulcan and an all round nice guy – probably. He is also a little older (57), is no athlete and some say is ruled by his sister. So what does Paul Allen have over other billionaires which scores him the delicious Laura Harring? He is also the owner of the 416 foot Octopus which currently ranks as ninth for longest yacht in the world. As the first Latina to win the Miss USA contest in 1985, Laura is no mean catch but this author will wager she knew that she would look like a goddess standing at that railing.

Larry Ellison and Melanie Craft

Larry is the Co-founder & CEO of Oracle, which is one of many noteworthy things about the man. His wife as of 2003, Melanie Craft, seems to be just about the perfect woman. This lady is not just a pretty face (though she has that in spades), she is also a professional novelist who carries herself with more grace and elegance than the queen. Larry, on the other hand, tends to look a little scary if you catch him unprepared for a close up and has a rather controversial history. If the rumours are to be believed then its possible that he eats other peoples’ young, but as a matter of fact, he does own the majestic Rising Sun. A vessel of this quality goes a long way to scoring a man suitability points. Good yacht sourcing Larry!

Roman Abramovich and Daria Zhukova

Well what can we say about Roman that you dont already know? Probably not a great deal but setting aside all of the theories as well as the cloak and dagger stories, its still fair to say that Roman is a demanding guy (good for him to) and by all accounts this extends to his relationships as well. With the warning of Romans wife ringing in her young ears, the beautiful, talented and already wealthy Daria Zhukova has decided this is the man for her. So why chose one of the supposedly most demanding guys in the world when she already has money? Roman is the proud owner of the Eclipse which is currently the largest and most awe inspiring yacht in the water.

Its fair to say that we may be over-simplifying matters here but at the end of the day there is not a soul who could successfully argue that having the most racy, powerful and prestigious yachts in the world hurts their chances.

Anita Lyon is a Professional freelance SEO Copywriter and writes on various topics. Anyone that is interested in luxury yacht sales needs to realise that its not as easy as it might seem and that yacht management can be a tough job, especially if you are a newcomer on the scene.

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