Super Fast Fat Loss

Most exercise programs only look at how many calories you burned during your workout. This is why traditionally we are taught that we have to do long, slow, boring and tedious workouts like jogging or cycling if we want to lose fat. This is however NOT the case! EPOC is an acronym in exercise science that stands for Excess Post-Exercise Oxygen Consumption. This refers to the calories and fat burning that occur after a workout. After a workout, your body must recover and return back to its normal state. Your body repairs broken muscle fibres, re-stocks glycogen levels which have been depleted, removes lactic acid from muscles, and brings down the heart rate and body temperature. All of these processes require calories and the majority of these come from fat calories. The degree of your EPOC is directly related to the INTENSITY of your workout. The harder you can workout, the more disrupt all of the measures listed above are and therefore the more energy (calories) your body will burn to bring them back down to normal again. A great way to get your EPOC levels really high is High Intensity Interval Training. One of our favourite High Intensity Interval Workouts is a very simple but very effective way in which to increase your EPOC levels.Make sure you warm up first.The Tabata Sprint as fast as you can for 20 seconds, recover for 10 seconds Repeat this process for eight rounds. Thats 4 minutes in total. We then want you to rest for 4 minutes. Follow this by a further eight rounds of 20 seconds of sprinting and 10 seconds of recovery. The workout should last 12 minutes.Lets compare this workout to jogging for one hour

Jogging vs Tabata Intervals

Was the workout fun?
jog= No tabata = yes

How many Calories burned in the session?
jog= 512 in 1 hour tabata = 234 in 12 mins

How many Calories burned in 24 hours?
jog= 588 in 24 hours tabata= 897 in 24 hours

Was it an efficient use of time?
jog= No tabata= Yes

Energy systems worked?
jog= Aerobic tabata= Aerobic and Anaerobic

Did it boost my metabolism?
jog= No tabata= Yes

You will notice that one hour of jogging burned more calories compared to the 12 minutes of High Intensity Intervals, but with jogging your intensity levels are very low so there is minimal disruption on your EPOC levels resulting in only a few more calories burned over the 24 hour period. On the other hand the High Intensity Interval EPOC was massively disrupted resulting in significantly more calories burned over the 24 hours period. A study at Lavel University in Quebec published in the journal called Metabolism in 1994 showed that High Intensity Interval Training burned significantly more calories of body FAT compared to Steady- state Endurance exercise. Researchers calculated and concluded that each calorie burned with High Intensity exercises burns off 9 times MORE FAT, than a calorie burned during steady-state endurance exercise. To Conclude The more intense your workout, even if its for a short time, the higher your EPOC.The higher youre EPOC the more calories from FAT you will BURN

Results Personal Training

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Fibonacci Forex Trading

One of the most used methods of forex by many traders is Fibonacci forex trading. Using this method, one can be able to predict the best times to make a trade without having to follow trends or worry about making trades at the wrong time.

Patterns are developed when this method is used. It can help you to to made some smart trades and avoid those bad ones. For financial uses, Fibonacci values have converted using a ratio method and are used decimal form instead. This can be very beneficial to traders as the patterns generated are following properly with the resistance and support levels of the charts.

Fibonacci forex trading method is a leading indicator that should not be used as a standalone indicator. Most people will combined with other indicators or other trading techniques to make the full use out of it. When exploring with possible trading combination methods, you should never over complicate them. The best strategy is always an easy strategy to follow without and complicated analysis that takes minutes or hours to finalized a decision. Often when a trading opportunity comes, you only have at most a few minutes to decide (depends on what timeframe you are trading with) an come to a conclusion to whether a trade should be made. A slow move can cost you to miss the good price and may end up making a loss if you are still trying to enter the market.

Using fibonacci forex trading is not as difficult as it seems. This indicator provides support and resistance level for you to make decision. These support and resistance levels can very well be your profit and protection levels you are looking. However, Fibonacci indicators still be used in complicated analysis by advance traders which  they know they doing.

Do not always think of paying people to teach yourself, especially you can get the free contents or tutorials from anywhere online. Some of them provides quality contents even though they are free. Fibonacci forex trading can be a great method to start with if your are learning to trade forex. You can add in anything if you find that you are ready for improvements.



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The Four Season Of School Basketball

There are four seasons packed into a faculty basketball year: Non-conference play, conference play, conference tournament time and postseason action (NIT and March Madness). Every has unique attributes. Non-conference action starts off the year where groups are obtaining aware of new personnel and facing many schools they’ve never played before. Conference action finds teams battling for positioning against groups they face 2 or three times every year, whereas tournament time in February and March focuses on winning the conference title, having a winning season, and positioning their team for an invite to various dances.

We tend to are in part 2 right now, conference play. Conference play is distinctive in that colleges are not traveling as much. A year ago, North Carolina opened the season at Santa Clara, meaning a team from the southeast was traveling all the method across the country. Once which the Tar Heels took on teams from the Massive ten, Mountain West, the SEC and the Percent 10. That is a ton of travel time and facing groups that they had never seen before. This makes matchups often difficult and upsets a lot of possible (North Carolina lost seventy seven-sixty six at Santa Clara as a thirteen-point favorite).

Conference play suggests that playing groups in your region, that cuts down significantly on travel time. It also means players face other players they’ve seen last year, most likely several times, and enjoying in facilities they need seen before. Home/road play is definitely a key component for handicappers to listen to, but with shorter distances and acquainted places to go to, it can be less a issue with bound teams as a result of they’ve been to the opposition’s gym before.

Have a look at Buffalo. Buffalo simply came off an impressive win over Eastern Michigan, followed by a close eighty four-eighty two loss in overtime at a very good Northern Illinois squad. Buffalo got the quilt in each games. The Bulls were experienced and not caught off guard by these teams, as a result of Buffalo had beaten each a year ago. Of course, last season Buffalo beat Northern Illinois twice, 86-eighty at home and again in the MAC tournament, 73-66. That is 3 games against each other in less than a year. Familiarity may breed contempt in some social circles, however it helps in preparation in school basketball.

As conference play continues this month, it is vital to appear back at how these groups did in recent years, particularly with groups loaded with seniors. Buffalo is an uptempo team thus perhaps they’ll have a grip over a team that lacks depth and plays a slower style. Fortunately, there’s a point of reference to travel to: The previous couple of conferences! But don’t stop there: Check the boxscores of these games. Did Buffalo play a shut 1st [*fr1] against a team lacking depth, then blow them out within the second half? If so, that might mean a possible wager on the second half.

Another example could be a team with a important rebounding advantage within the frontcourt absorbing a team with a little frontcourt. Once more, go back and take a look at recent games. Did they own the glass the last meeting? How regarding the last 3 meetings? Conference play offers many opportunities to try and do this, especially with teams facing every other 2 and even three times a year ago.

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Super Dirtcar Series

The Super DIRTcar Series is a modified racing series in the United States. It races primarily in the Northeastern United States with a few dates in the Midwestern United States, Florida, and Canada. Advance Auto Parts has been the series’ title sponsor since 1999.

The series is sanctioned by World Racing Group (DIRT Motorsports Inc.). World Racing sanctions sprint car racing for the World of Outlaws, dirt late model racing in the World of Outlaws Late Model Series, and 467 cubic inch big block modified racing in the Super DIRTcar Series which produce 650-800 horsepower. It sanctions over 4000 races per year under the UMP DIRTcar banner and it owns seven speedways.


1 Events

1.1 Champions

2 References

3 External links



The premiere event in the series is the Super DIRT Week at the New York State Fairgrounds in Syracuse, New York. The 2005, 2006, 2007, 2008, and 2009 feature event (the Rite Aid 200) was televised on SPEED. The 1980 race was televised live on ESPN, the 1985 event was televised live on TNN, and the entire Super Dirt Series was televised live on Empire Sports Net from mid-1996 until late 1999. Every Super Dirt Week since 1980 has been shown on cable television. The feature event pays $ 50,000 to the winner.

Other high-profile events include; the All-Star 100 at Cayuga County Fair Speedway, which is 100 laps and pays $ 20,000 to win. Mr. Dirt Track USA which is hosted at Lebanon Valley Speedway which is 100 laps and pays $ 17,500 to win. And The Fulton 200, run at Fulton Speedway, which is 200 laps and pays $ 25,000 to win.


Gary Balough’s “Batmobile” car at the 1979 or 1980 Super DIRT week

2009 Brett Hearn

2008 Billy Decker

2007 Brett Hearn

2006 Alan Johnson

2005 Tim Fuller

2004 Gary Tomkins

2003 Alan Johnson

2002 Alan Johnson

2001 Brett Hearn

2000 Steve Paine

1999 Danny Johnson

1998 Billy Decker

1997 Danny Johnson / Brett Hearn

1996 Brett Hearn

1995 Bob McCreadie

1994 Bob McCreadie

1993 Brett Hearn

1992 Danny Johnson

1991 Doug Hoffman

1990 Brett Hearn

1989 Danny Johnson

1988 Jack Johnson

1987 Jack Johnson

1986 Charlie Rudolph

1985 Jack Johnson

1984 Jack Johnson

1983 Alan Johnson

1982 Jack Johnson

1981 Alan Johnson

1980 Jack Johnson

1979 Will Cagle

1978 Will Cagle

1977 Dave Lape

1976 Will Cagle


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External links

Official website

Series history at official website

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Maplestory Warrior Guide – Getting Your Warrior to Be Perfect

In Maplestory, the warrior is known for being the class with the most strength. If you want to have the perfect warrior build, this guide will teach you how.

Starting Out

When you get to the character creation screen and you’re rolling your stats, don’t just go for the highest strength and leave it at that. Warriors need to have specific stats for good builds. If you ignore these stats, you’ll have a hard time getting to the top, and you probably won’t even be able to. So, here’s what you need to know about rolling your stats.

When you roll for your warrior, make sure the INT and LUK stats are both 4. This will take some time and patience, but you’ll eventually roll those two numbers. If you really want to roll for the absolute perfect warrior, you’ll have to keep rolling until you get 12 or more STR, 4 INT and 4 LUK, but you’ll need to have another character backing him with financial support. If the absolute perfect warrior doesn’t matter that much to you, just keep rolling until your STR is the highest and DEX isn’t too much lower, say, three or four points.

1st Job Advancement

After you create your warrior, keep fighting until you reach level 10 and have 35 points in your strength stat. When you do, run over to Southperry and talk to a guy name Shanks there. Pay his 150 meso fee or complete his quest to travel to Victoria island. When you get there, move to the left of Lith Harbor and talk to Phil when you see him. Have him take you to Perion and climb to the very top, where you’ll see a tent. Go inside and talk to Dances with Balrog, and from there you’ll be well on your way to the 1st job advancement!

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Super Juicer Evaluation

Acquiring again house the real Super Juicer would certainly maybe be great notion while in the occasion that you just like fresh new, healthful and also nutritious house designed juices. Sporting a trendy look, this certain juicer is essentially an ought to have for nearly all folks who worth the goodness of truly genuine, unadulterated, glucose no cost fruit juices which normally can spend just for that nutritional insufficiencies of one’s ordinary meals. Gone exist the occasions once the idea of preparing do-it-yourself fruit juices appeared troublesome.

Really quite possibly as well as the introduction of normal juicers, the process hardly received any much less complex. A person expected to chop also as peel the real fruits neatly to the tiniest goods achievable, relating to the juicer to press all of the juices out. This on your own, would almost certainly use up a good deal of your respective time period. One more hitch may be de-seeding and ripping the particular clean fruits, which in turn is an equally valuable time consuming treatment. Also, pulling several fruits take away the diet value through the fruit juices and these fruits are conned of numerous of his or hernutrients and nutritional nutritional vitamins.

This particular distinct juicer is provided that has a broad mouthed feeding tube, which will allow overall fruit. You’ll be able to set a whole apple or pear to the real juicer too because the tools could possibly take away the real liquid inside no time. A carrier needs to become set under the dual placement sealing spout, to ensure you could gather the juices.

A sharp steel steel blade plus a modest filtration program make juicing a lot more easy. The blade shreds the real fruit fibres through the use of dexterity at the same time since the micro filter carries the real pulp, letting out just pure pure fruit juice. The real pulp is at some point accrued in an oversized pulp extractor, too as is recyclable. As an option of just eliminating the real pulp, it’s possible you’ll use it for backyard compost. A lot better nonetheless, the fruit pulp could possibly also be utilized for creating salsas, salsa and sauces. You could moreover improve this for your personal dessert batter for improved flavour.Consequently, the real Super Juicer also acts as being a meals processor within a particular system. It assists you in formulating groundbreaking preparations, in addition to
supplying you with stimulating juices at any time all through the day.

This particular appliance is outfitted having a powerful 700w motor, that bears out all of the functions extremely simply. Nonetheless, in contrast to another meals processors and juicers, this particular one particular is certainly a silent operator. Remarkably, an engine as potent as this works noiselessly! What this means is that a person can very easily make use of it as and also any time you desire with out generating any disruption for others. The juicer also features a safety locking bar that seals every one of the components firmly whenever getting used. With no possessing this operate, the parts may well dislodge through utilization, demanding you to reassemble all of them again and again yet again.

Immediately after use cleansing is also not an issues in any way, with this distinct product or service. All of the parts are dishwasher protected plus a human being can very easily clear the gear with simplicity. In spite of all its elaborate traits, the Super Juicer may be a comparatively simple tools. The stainless metallic physical appearance offers it a classy edge more than several other folks. Effortlessly, a prime high quality juicer this variety as this can jazz up any cooking spot platform. For those who have a home complete of overall health freaks, buying certainly one of these kinds of may very well be extremely crucial for you personally. You might be preparing various wholesome mixtures of juices for

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Hero Honda Super Splendor

The Indian men have always been inclined to buy bikes that possess more of a macho look and throw elegant appeal on road. Among all the bike brands, Hero Honda has gained a place of repute for its magnificent bike models. It is the most reputed automobile brand in India that it has started selling the products in India. Hero Honda Bikes have gained great esteem to offer sophisticated two wheelers. These bikes are widely acclaimed for their performance, style and technology. As one of the latest bikes, the new Hero Honda Super Splendor Reviews has gained huge accolades in the market. It is considered as an upgraded version, having 125 cc segment engine and has come over as a perfect pick for those who want to upgrade their bikes from 100 cc to 125 cc at affordable prices. Offering a hassle free and smooth ride this bike has been graded as a great performer and a practical model. This bike model offers a luxurious ride to the rider as well as to the pillion rider. This bike from Hero Honda is basically targeted at fulfilling the needs of day to day commuters as is a practical bike. it has been designed keeping in mind the regular day commuting needs of the bikers thus, its design is not for sports lovers. Its engine is the upgraded version which is further coupled by the option to self-start and kick lever. Its punchy exhaust tune is quite similar to the original Splendor where the engine is a single-cylindered & air-cooled cylinder. Made using an alloy long-stroke cylinder lump, this 124.7 cc delivers feeble power output of 7000 rpm. The key concern of many bikers is focused at the mileage of a bike, which is obtained from efficient electronics and plumbing. The bike functions on a conventional slide-type carburetor and has got to feature gear shifting which is done by the four-speed unit on a heel and toe operated lever. This Hero Honda bike has got to feature exclusive design and comfort, featuring absolute convenience and style. The dashboard of the bike features a fresh look along with a trip meter and fuel gauge as standard. The switch gear and great grips and lever are absolutely revised. In case you have plans to buy bikes or two-wheelers, you can search online to get more details regarding these Hero Honda Super Splendor price.

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Trade Show Accessories

Any business needs intensive advertising for its success. One cannot sit at one counter and expect people to flock in without putting any efforts. One has to look for new business-making techniques throughout. Advertising through print ads and leaflets is important. However, other marketing tools are equally vital for a successful business.

Participation in various trade shows and exhibitions also hold a lot of importance when it comes to making your name in the market. That’s a powerful tool to let people know about your existence and display your products. Trade shows attract many customers in a short span as there is a concentration of targeted customers at one enclosure. Such events attract bulk of buyers at one place.

But definitely with so many stalls at one place, it becomes a battle field of competitors fighting for each footfall. Nowadays trade shows has become equally challenging. So, one has to devise different and rather unique solution to make the most of such hot-selling events. Accessories can help you stand such cut-throat competition and market yourself better than the rest. Here are some tips that can you attract customers and increase footfall.

Table and Throws: If carrying tables worry you, folding tables are a good option. They are light-weight and easily portable. Nicely covered tables always look neat and tidy. Table throws, runners and table skirts give a graceful and welcoming look to the stall. There is a vast variety of table throws available. One can choose printed table runners as well. Getting customized covers with your logo printed on it can be a good idea.

Backdrops: Trade show booths and backdrops give a charming look to a point of sale/purchase. Choosing colors appropriately in accord with the entire setting look very attractive. You can pick a large pop-up Displays to impart a new and trendy appearance to the stall. These stands are very strong and take only minutes to set up, and collapse to be compact and portable.

Banner Stands: Banners are an all-time display solution. Nowadays, sign boards do not really mean the conventional wooden boards. The definition and the concept have undergone a transition and now there is wide range of stylish and classy banner stands available as per different requirements.

Lights: Spot lights over outside banner stands and custom headers over pop-up banners offer a top-notch look and also work wonders to attract customers. LED-boxes and backlights create a classy environ.

Table Tops: Customized counters and adding more to the glory is brochure holders. Such small but attractive accessories like brochure holders help the stall look clean and well-organized.

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Retractable Banner Stands

Pop up Displays

Banner Stands

Hero Honda Super Splendor

Today the Indian roads are dominated by Hero Honda Super Splendor bikes for what they are. The popularity of the bike can be seen by the number of bikes that are dominating the roads. And why not the bikes has provided it users with all the excellent features and performances that excel from the other bikes on the road. The bike has a range of features which makes it the favorite among the commuter on city roads. Keeping the office goers in mind the company has provided the necessary comfort and safety features. If we look at the styling and the looks of the bike you will find multiple color variants that the company has provided like the cloud silver, dual tone black, frost blue, blazing red and monotone black. There are even new decals on the bike and the body has new angular proportions now. For those who have to store things the Hero Honda Super Splendor is equipped with a bin to store your goods and is also locable. Besides this the bin also fills the gap between the tank and the engine. With an effective halogen headlamp one can get excellent view of the road. The body colors are extended p to the tank and this gives stunning looks to the bike. The bike comes with chrome filter lid. The tail of the bike too is good and gives a finish to the look of the bike. This Hero Honda Bike has sun-frame sections to make the mounting of pillion foot-legs. The bike is also popular for its comfort and control. The seating is very comfortable and relaxing. You will also find no discomfort in the clutching and declutching of the bike. The vibration too is very less and the noise is quite less making it a favorite feature for the rider. All the other features like the trip meter, the peep hole and the store box add the much needed convenience to the bike. The super splendor includes the muffler, heat shield and the pass switch. The engine of the Hero Honda Super Splendor is a 124.7cc engine of 9bhp at 7000rpm, the torque is 1.05kgm at 4000rpm. You will find a pair of valves with a single overhead camshaft to the engine which now uses the regular roller bearings for rocker arms. The Hero Honda super splendor price is Rs. 42,000 ex-showroom and the company gives a 3-year 40,000 km warranty on the bike.

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Motor Trade Rundown

It is not just cars that must be insured on British roads, every type of motor vehicle is required by law, to have at least third party insurance.

If you are thinking of buying a new car in the closing months of 2010 you may wish to consider the noticeable motor industry movements that have occurred year to date as well as the associated motor trade insurance.

A good place to start your analysis is always to take a look at Motor Trader; arguably the motor trade bible, which reported earlier in the year that Ford had amplified prices to a higher than expected, or desired level back in 2009. This information was reported by Glasss Guide. Managing Editor for Glasss Guide, Adrian Rushmore, went on to state Ford arguably went too far by implementing four rounds of rises, equivalent to an average 14 per cent hike across all of its model ranges.

Having considered this, Ford sales do not appear to have been adversely effected by the 14% price increase this year as the quantifiable level of Fiestas roaming our roads appears to have increased if anything.

You may want to take into consideration the fact that consumer costs will also see a rise in the not so distant future thanks to a new showroom tax that commenced at the start of the year.

As is often the case, the people bearing the costs of this will be the motorists and the level of charge is calculated primarily on the individual vehicles CO2 emissions.

As a general rule of thumb; the lower the CO2 emissions, the lower the single tax payment will be.

Considering a case study of this a car which is deemed to emit lower than 130g CO2 per kilometre will be totally exempt from vehicle excise tax for year one of new ownership.

In addition to this, any car that omits over 255g CO2 per kilometre in a single year will incur an additional charge of approximately 1k for year one of new ownership. Subsequent years rates will revert back to standard charges (which are greatly lower than the new first year charge).

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