Aarkstore Enterprise Global Network Attached Storage Market 2009- 2013

Network Attached Storage (NAS) is a file-level storage that provides data access to multiple clients over a network. A NAS system is primarily deployed to handle files, rather than a block data. Thus, NAS has the ability to reduce management overheads and prevent network latency. Further, NAS is easily accessible over a LAN through protocols like TCP/IP (Transmission Control Protocol / Internet Protocol).

The implementation of NAS allows organizations to share a common storage with multiple servers and clients, irrespective of their file or operating system. Further, NAS enables organizations to efficiently allocate storage, and alleviates the problem of one server running out of storage while the other having more than required. In addition, NAS enables the organizations to locate storage where it’s needed on the network, and provides clients with direct, server independent communication to storage resources. Furthermore, the localizing of file Input/Output traffic provides more efficient use of network resources. Moreover, since NAS devices connects directly to the organization’s existing LAN (Local Area Network), no additional software or client licenses are required for the client to access storage.

The NAS market is growing steadily owing to the recent developments in the storage sector; and this growth is likely to continue in the future too. Some of the developments driving organizations to adopt NAS systems include Increased availability of data, improved server performance, optimized data access, faster Return On Investments (ROI), load balancing, and fault-tolerance. Thus, it enables the organization to implement a storage solution and leverage existing network investments; thereby, driving the NAS market.

This report highlights scope of the Global Network Attached Storage market over the period 2009-2013. Further, it discusses the key market trends, drivers, growth inhibitors and a few major vendors of the market.

Table of Contents :
1. Introduction
2. Market Size and Forecast
3. Geographic Segmentation
3.1.Market Size in Americas

3.2.Market Size in EMEA

3.3.Market Size in APAC

4. Market Trends in Global NAS Market
5. Market Drivers in Global NAS Market
6. Market Challenges in Global NAS Market
7. Vendors
8. Related Reports in this Series
List of Exhibits
Exhibit 2.1: Global NAS Market Size and Forecast 2009-2013 (In $ million)

Exhibit 3.1: Geographic Segmentation-2009

Exhibit 3.2: NAS Market Size in Americas – 2009-2013 (in $ million)

Exhibit 3.3: NAS Market Size in EMEA – 2009-2013 (in $ million)

Exhibit 3.4: NAS Market Size in APAC – 2009-2013 (in $ million)

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