Launching new maxx Super MX424 and Sleek MX 464

The new Maxx mobiles are coming soon with two super models Maxx Super MX424 and Maxx Sleek MX464 in Indian market. The new stylish and well designed mobiles will be available shortly in Indian stores. The Maxx Super price in India has not been announced yet but the Maxx mobiles are released the Maxx Sleek MX 464 Price in India and that is Rs. 2,300/-. The both handsets are having nice and excellent features which are really attract the middle and low standard customers.

The Maxx Super MX424 features and Maxx Super MX424 specifications are so impressive. The handset is supported by dual SIM with dual standby facility. The mobile is having lots of multimedia options like audio player, video player, Wireless FM radio etc which can give lots of fun and entertainment. The phone is integrated by 2.4 inches TFT display screen. The model is equipped 1.3MP camera facility which can provide video recording facility. Internal and external memory as a data storage is enabled in good condition which can give phone book contacts entries and call records service. The Maxx Super MX424 is having long battery backup capacity which can power by 2200 mAh. The battery is given up to 460 hours standby and up to 1150 hours talk time. In the connectivity features of the mobile is supported by GPRS, Bluetooth and USB cable port for best internet access. The WAP browser is also well endowed in the phone.

The Maxx Sleek MX464 features and Maxx Sleek MX464 specifications are fully loaded. The mobile has stylish and sleek design with metallic finish slim body. The one touch music key is enabled in the handset. The MP3, MP4, FM radio and games as multimedia entertainment features are well endowed in the phone. The 2.2 inches TFT display screen is providing good image quality. The camera of the Maxx Sleek MX464 comes with 1.3 MP which can supports 1280 x 1024 pixels resolutions. The mobile phone is having up to 8GB external memory with Micro SD memory card. The 850 mAh standard battery is providing up to 3.5 hours talk time and up to 170 hours standby ability. The 2.5mm audio jack is enabled in the phone which can give good and clear output audio sound. The weight of the Maxx Sleek MX464 is 41.91gm. The Bluetooth and GPRS connectivity options are well supported in the Maxx Sleek MX464. The handset is having music multi format and video multi format options

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Become a Better Baseball Hitter

Learning how to become a great baseball hitter is a task that all players wish to accomplish, but not that many are successful. Many times, making a small change in the way you swing the bat or stand at the plate can create huge difference in your success. In addition to practicing and hitting the ball as much as you can, you also have to have a good coach that gives good tips. In addition, the following few tips will help to change you into a better hitter.

Batting tees are a good tools to improve your hitting. Many people only see these as tools for children, but as a matter fact, plenty of major league players utilize them to sharpen their skills. You have to find a batting tee that is your correct size or that you can adjust correctly.

Placing a whiffle ball on the tee is an extremely effective way to train yourself and develop a good swing. If you find the time, you should buy a batting tee that you can put in your yard and practice on a day in and day out basis. Plenty of players have improved their hitting skills by utilizing this method. When you step up to the plate, your main enemy is the pitcher who will do just about anything to deter your ability to hit the ball. Statistically, pitchers usually win the duel with the batter, as even the best hitters get on base less than half the time. Due to this fact, if you want to become a better hitter, it will help if you learn a little about pitching. You won’t be required to pitch a game, but you should watch and learn the different kinds of pitches. Determine the type of pitches that give you the most difficulty and use them for improvement. For instance, if you determine that you usually miss faster balls that are not inside of the strike zone, you should develop patience and wait for a good pitch.

Acquiring the services of a batting coach is one of the ways that you can improve your batting game. If you are on a team, you probably get advice from the coach, but there is no substitute for finding someone who can work with you individually. You may not require a lot of sessions, but a good coach can make you see the ways that you can improve just by watching you and letting you know what he sees. Search for a qualified batting coach in your town because this can be a huge difference in your growth as a hitter. When you want to increase your hitting skills, you have to determine which areas are weak and practice until you get it right. You cannot be closed minded when it comes to changes, so that if your coach makes a change, you have to be willing to listen to him. These suggestions will help to improve your hitting game, but you are the one that has to make sure it happens.

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