3 Super Easy Ways to Increase Your Guitar Pick Technique

You’ve come home from the music store to practice your six string with a handful of new guitar picks. The question that you now ask yourself is, “Which pick should I use to master and learn guitar with?”

I would like to share with you three guitar pick tips that will help you to improve your right hand guitar pick technique.

1. The Feel of a Pick

2. Picking Good

3. Pick Maintenance

1. The Feel of a Pick: There are many different thicknesses and sizes of guitar picks. There are also different kinds of plastic that are used to make picks. Make sure that you try out a couple of different pick styles. Find out what your preference of plastic is. Seriously, picks are like a wheel on a car.  Even though you can drive car with any kind of wheel, professional drivers have a wheel preference that helps them to drive their car better. The same goes with your guitar pick. You will play infinitely better on a pick that feels good to you, rather than if you play with a foreign piece of plastic that you’ve never tried out before. If you have sweaty hands when playing the guitar you will want to choose a pick that has some kind of grip or groove on the top. 

2. Picking Good:  By consistently practicing with the same guitar pick you will increase your right hand picking technique.  This will allow you to play more accurately and faster. Once you have consistently practiced guitar with one style of pick for at least 3 to 6 months you can then feel free to re-experiment with different types of picks. For rock ‘n roll music you might choose to always play with a medium light pick. If you decide to master and learn jazz guitar, you will more than likely want to switch to what is called a diamond pick.

3. Pick Maintenance:  The only real pick maintenance you will be required to do is purchase as many picks as you can afford.  The tip of a pick, depending how long and how hard you play your guitar, will eventually wear down into a smooth rounded out like shape. This is okay if all you do is strum on on your six string, however, if you are wanting to master and learn guitar you will want to change your guitar picks on regular basis. Change your picks after two hours of practicing or playing your guitar. A nice thing to do with your leftover picks is to give away your used picks to beginner guitar players, kids, or friends.

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