Urgent Introduction Of New Energy Vehicles Rules Do Not Benefit The Private Car – New Energy,

Urgent introduced policy details A ripple. New Energy Auto incentives were announced, high standards were immediately led to a high degree of community concern.

“LaCrosse hybrid vehicle in October last year to shop, and now we have not received a specific policy, in the end how much subsidy can enjoy.” Hangzhou, a Buick dealer told this reporter, the Ministry of Finance just announced a framework of policy, was up 50,000 yuan / car hybrid car demand is “fuel-saving rate” more than 40%. Then the “fuel-saving rate” 40% to identify exactly which department? What is the fuel of reference?

Currently the major automobile manufacturers have not yet received a formal notice, of course, no way to know the new Energy The specific details of car incentives. Classification of new energy vehicles to? Determine the rate of a fuel-efficient hybrid cars what is the standard? This is probably the industry at present the most concern.

This, the Ministry of Finance said will be announced later, ” Energy And promote the use of new energy projects recommended by car model car catalog “, subsidies for new energy vehicles and clear standards, which supplement the standard hybrid cars are divided into five files, the most low-grade automobile fuel economy requirements than traditional energy sources more than 5%. In other words, hybrid cars also get a subsidy standards may be quite different.

New energy vehicles do not benefit the private car stickers
“Now it is only for official vehicles, personal car subsidies not included in the scope.” Zhejiang Shen Tong era Buick 4S store marketing manager Rao Yingping this slightly disappointing. As opposed to official vehicles, personal car market is much greater. Statistics show that last year the scale of China’s car sales more than 900 million, of which the field of government procurement in the public service less than 500,000, that is less than 6%.

Vehicle to encourage new energy policy within a few days after the announcement, in Sina, Sohu and other major portal sites also led to hot. Most users believe that, if only to encourage the public car, then stimulation of this policy will be very limited. Most automobile exhaust pollution produced by private car, to exclude individual car outside, that might not achieve Energy The role of environmental protection. Therefore, users call the individual with the acquisition of new energy vehicles into the subsidy.

Response, public relations manager of BYD Auto Sales Co., Ltd. Xu An optimistic that, do not worry about individual purchasers are not entitled to “equal treatment.” “This policy sends a strong signal that state support for the determination of new energy vehicle development. Now the State is only a pilot, the next will definitely expand the subsidy, individuals buy a new car sooner or later, will receive the benefits of energy.”

In some developed countries, are focused on encouraging individuals to purchase new energy vehicles. U.S. hybrid vehicle for each light up to 3400 U.S. dollars in subsidies, the cost of natural gas and other alternative fuel vehicles to increase some 50% -80% of the financial subsidies. Japan’s electric, natural gas and other clean energy vehicles to 50% of the tax cuts, and give with the same level of conventional vehicles spread of 1 / 2 of the preferential subsidies.

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