Strapless tiered formal dresses are trendy in 2013

For juniors, it is not that easy job to select dresses when they need to dress up for some formal events, like prom night or party evening. There is a great variety of formal dresses the juniors can try for such formal occasions. But when young ladies begin the job of selecting new prom collection, there are some issues need to kept in the mind.

First, remember it firmly that you need to choose the right style of dress which goes right with the theme of the event you attend. And the next thing you need to take into consideration is to add some elegance or loveliness and especially your personality to the style of dress. This is a must to check when choosing your dress. With juniors who are not that aware of the right way choosing formal dresses, we share below a couple of tricks and tips which would be a great help.

We would recommend to the juniors one of the popular dress styles: the strapless tiered formal dresses. This style gets wide popularity by the juniors for it is suitable widely for many semi-formal and formal occasions. The strapless tiered formal dresses are trendy and stylish attire for juniors for formal events, and they are very lovely and pretty especially along with an empire waist. The empire waist can be perfectly complemented with both a cute and smart belt and tiered band skirt.

Of course, you have many fabrics of this style of homecoming dresses to choose as you like. For example, when there is a need to make a rich appeal of the formal dress, it is a good idea to try the design of silk fabric. According to your skin tone, you are able to select some lovely colors, here are some of the popularly chosen colors, such as emerald green, yellow, purple, as well as magenta. There is one thing you need to avoid, that is to embellish your dress too much. The reason is simple that formal dresses should be a represent of simplicity and grace.

when you want to appear at the ball with a cute and lovely look, then the baby doll dress would be a nice try especially the color of the baby doll style is bright. For this style, you can try cute sequins, as well as some layers of tulle netting, which is fitting. You may find many juniors wearing lovely baby doll evening dresses in prom night and party evening.

And then we would recommend sweetheart prom dresses 2013 to the juniors. This style is quite variable, and among the abundant varieties, the strapless organza sweetheart A-line dress may be the most popular. Decorative sequins can be added much to the dress, and a taffeta sash tied at the empire waist would be a wonderful complement. Of course, you can add straps.

Finally the short lace dress is very nice too, especially together with empire waist and square neck. Among this style,you may find shimmer ruched quite trendy and stylish, on which a single long sleeve creates a bias cut style perfectly along with a fashionable bodice. 

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