How Can Food or Alcohol Related Businesses Benefit from Email Marketing Prior to the Super Bowl?

Boost Sales

Food and spirits are often the main ingredients of a good Super Bowl party. Even though the economy is still in rough shape, you better believe that consumers will be spending big to keep their guests well fed and thoroughly entertained. This is great news for those in the food and alcohol business. If you are a sports bar or restaurant, you can use email marketing to ensure that it is your products fueling those wild Super Bowl parties. You could use this platform to send along special sales offers, or coupons to provide a way for shoppers to save money on their party supplies. Launch your campaign in enough time for consumers to stock up, and it could result in more sales than you would have been able to make otherwise.

Score New Customers

While many people will be watching this year’s Super Bowl’s from the comfort of a living room, others will be doing so from sports bar, restaurant or similar type of establishment. Some of the people watching the game at these establishments will be there at the referral of others. When executed precisely, an email marketing strategy can help you reap the benefits of word of mouth marketing. The key to enjoying such benefits is making sure your offers, and communication in general, are compelling and engaging. If you deliver value when making contact, your customers will be more likely to remember your business, and to recommend it to others who want to stock up for the big game.

Learn More about Your Customers

Perhaps the biggest benefit of using email marketing to capitalize on the Super Bowl frenzy is the opportunity it presents to learn more about the customer. This comes from the ability it provides to track and measure your success. In its simplest form, email allows you to track which links in your message have been clicked. With this information at your disposal, you can get better idea of what your customers are more likely to buy, and engage them accordingly. For instance, if most of your subscribers are clicking your 10% off coupon, this is a sign that they honor a great bargain. This could be incentive to tempt them with discounts on food items or spirits that might compliment their Super Bowl plans.

For businesses that sell food and alcohol products the Super Bowl is one of the most profitable times of the year. Consumers are breaking out their wallets, and email is one of the best tools available for capitalize on the spending frenzy. Put your game plan together, and it could be your business that emergence victorious.

Nan King, a tech geek and environmentalist at heart, is an advocate of business email marketing strategies that encompass the use of an email marketing company which is permission based.

A Palm Desert & San Diego California Broadcast Lawyer Disrobes the Cbs Janet Jackson Super Bowl Half

In 2004 as people watched with great interest the Super Bowl halftime show in towns across America, in San Diego, California, in Orange County, CA, in Los Angeles, La Jolla, Hollywood, Del Mar, Pacific Beach, Carlsbad, Malibu, Oceanside, San Marcos, Vista and Escondido or the cities of Huntington Beach, Westminster, Buena Park, Anaheim, Santa Ana, Costa Mesa, Irvine, Newport Beach, Corona del Mar, Laguna Beach, and Laguna Hills, Buena Park, Temecula, Indian Wells, La Quinta, or Palm Springs, unless they taped the game, they missed a split second of exposed skin by Janet Jackson.


It wasn’t until the press and people played it back in slow motion, that they saw what people would later claim horrified them. One of Janet Jackson’s upper body supports holding in one of her chest assets had fallen away revealing a bit of something only previously shown in more detail on cable TV. And unless you were in a coma in the firestorm that followed, you had the term “wardrobe malfunction” ingrained into your vocabulary. Even attorneys and lawyers began using the term when they appeared late at court. 


Here it is 2008. Children have not had to have years of counseling despite the initial claims by conservative groups that they would, and the incident is still being litigated. In July 2008, the Third Circuit vacated an FCC fine of $ 550,000 assessed against CBS for the nine-sixteenths of a second when Janet Jackson’s breast was exposed during the halftime show of Super Bowl XXXVIII in February 2004 and remanded the case back to the FCC. However, the court made it clear that the FCC cannot retroactively punish CBS and had better not try.


The court held that the FCC improperly departed from its prior policy of allowing a fleeting image and that this departure was arbitrary and capricious.

What the ruling did not, but should of said, was that the FCC was so pressured into its fine by conservatives, including those in the FCC and the executive branch of the current administration, that it acted like idiots.


First Amendment and Constitutional Lawyers such as myself have applauded the decision especially when myself and others received moronic calls from persons claiming that they or their family members suffered immeasurable harm when they watched recordings of the halftime show over and over and over.


Conservative groups were less pleased with the ruling. However, the court ruled that, without proof that CBS knew beforehand that some indecency was about to occur, the FCC could not find that CBS was liable, especially in view of the fact that Janet Jackson and Justin Timberlake were independent contractors and not CBS employees.


To prevent the FCC from now simply providing a rational explanation for disallowing unintentional fleeting and indecent images and putting broadcasters on notice of this policy so they can fine broadcasters in the future and make it impossible to ever again dare to show a live performance on TV just as they have not dared to since the fine was imposed, the court said that unintentional broadcasts of alleged fleeting indecent images may not be punished absent a showing of scienter, i.e. a knowing or reckless violation of indecency law. If a broadcaster endeavors to exercise proper control but fails to prevent unscripted indecency, it will not have acted with scienter if its actions were negligent rather than reckless.


Thus the FCC’s attempt to establish a draconian power to fine broadcasters off the air and out of business for broadcasting unintentional fleeting images, a power which has for the past few years and which would forever absolutely chill our First Amendment rights, by this conservative administration, is over.


Perhaps with the next administration, whichever party gets into office, the idiots at the FCC who suffered their own brain malfunction and imposed this fine can be booted out into the street and be remanded to read the Constitution. 


If you have a broadcast, media, constitutional, first amendment or FCC law issue in San Diego, Newport Beach, Irvine, Orange County, La Jolla, in the Inland Empire, Los Angeles, Palm Springs or anywhere in Southern California, we have the knowledge and resources to be your California Broadcast Lawyer and your Palm Springs and San Diego Broadcast Attorney. Be sure to hire a California law firm with broadcast law experience who can serve areas such as Los Angeles, Palm Springs, Palm Desert, Anaheim, Irvine, Beverly Hills, Malibu, Newport Beach, Carlsbad, Corona del Mar, Laguna Beach, Huntington Beach, Santa Ana, Rancho Cucamonga, Ontario, Fullerton, Del Mar, San Diego, Orange County, San Luis Obispo, Buena Park, La Jolla, Oxnard, Ventura, La Quinta, and Santa Barbara so you are properly represented.


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Best 3 Tips for Highly effective Handicapping NBA Basketball


When handicapping NBA basketball, it really is important that you do things right. Neglecting to do that right might have disastrous consequences. You might find yourself lost or making the wrong selections, or maybe even foolishly throwing your money away.


The 3 suggested tips listed below will help you steer clear of the traps and failure and help you to succeed.


1st, you are going to need to follow a proven basketball betting system


You are going to need to review various handicapping systems since that can help prevent you from wasting you time on secondary betting systems. To not get this done the right way could be the difference in winning money or losing money. Please avoid the error of ignoring or slighting this crucial step!


The second thing is, you will need to pay attention the games on a daily basis


Nearly as essential as needing to follow a proven basketball betting system whenever struggling with handicapping NBA basketball is you will need to pay attention the games on a daily basis. I’m here to tell you, you don’t want to overlook this. It can help to make the correct basketball picks, and that is a thing everybody involved in handicapping NBA basketball wants.


Thirdly, pay closely attention to teams on winning streaks or losing streaks


And ultimately, when you’re working with handicapping NBA basketball, just be sure to follow a money management system.

Doing so can help you with surviving a losing streak, a very important component of wagering on basketball games. If you do not, you might go broke from one or two bad selections — and I believe we can agree that wouldn’t be the best thing!


As stated above, when you wish to succeed at handicapping NBA basketball, then you definitely will need to steer clear of the different types of mistakes that can mean you wind up lost, confused or making the wrong selections, or perhaps foolishly throwing your money away. That which you really would like is win money by wagering on NBA basketball games, which goal you may attain by carefully adopting the three steps outlined above.


NBA Basketball is a great game to wager on. One thing that I like is the game is played indoors so outside weather conditions will not affect the play o the game. Also with most teams having a roster with less than 15 players it is simple to learn and remember the players and their names. It simple differences like these that make wagering on NBA basketball one of my favorite sports to follow. The action is fact and nonstop but if you follow the games of basketball you will soon learn how obtainable winning money on NBA Basketball can be.


Learn some ways to win money by wagering on NBA basketball games at my basketball betting system website where you learn all about basketball betting as well as betting on other sports.

Soccer Revocation Is definitely Dream

There are two general ways that time period teams Principal Nfl golfer have the ability to miss out on the right little league match up with, your first actually throughout an injury and an actual suspensions can cause a life threatening situation for a lot of pipe dream the nfl impresarios. An illusion the nfl manger shall be still having the selection from do they really go any blacklisted player out in the open or maybe salvage the latest copy whenever a gambler is actually extremelywholesale nfl jerseysruined? A gamer could possibly be halted for the purpose of sometimes getting sent on and also creating a lot of some worries inside a period of time.The very little league having a method wherein if the unit produces 5, 10 or 15 yellow-colored plastic cards merely by several stage of this home-based year these guys be given automated bans.


With five concerns a person will receive a match suspend, to find 13 bookings a farmer get a two match revocation enchanting thirteen a reservation a person get a 3 tie in with insides. Because a game player receives two different yellow hue playing cards in a coordinate with and is especially in that case ship to our dugout the can straight are sent a one tienfl jerseys cheapin with prohibit.A farmer is generally laid off by a referee for most points as well as for one specialized strong, slow grip exercise ball to keep an aim, to insulting/ tapageuse practice and severe practice.

In the event a competitor is shipped shut off on the minute in time those same season activities, the user get one additional just one agree with bar.High quality players are a fantastic resource for physical activities right after written estimates.


Not anyone knows how to conquer chances superior to these items. They do know the actual way it can feel to be effective tough in addition to success. They know the actual way it feels and looks for you to slip and furthermore holder back up again. These are typically tremendously goal-driven and should be with the aid of all the sizes to better his / her status.It’s no surprise people idolize the whole bunch given that personas! Looking not an athlete, a person’s phrase provides a sense Playing golf Headgear Is actually Beliefreplaced anticipation, an absolute burning up would like to get, along with the pressure you may need for the purpose of drive.While you may feel searching added inspiration, your search is over. The following are some pretty influential games performance insurance quotes as a result of joggers who understand exactly these are generally referencing.One particular) “Success is around receiving, excellence is concerning remaining.


Successfulness features finding revenue along with popularity, then again care are being the perfect a person may be.In As Scott Ditka, an ancient U s of a’s playing golf Nba playerMike Ditka comes with definitely noted a favorable outcome to have a very long time at this point. Still, every night . to succeed isn’t exclusively part the fact that propels the boy. She’s as expected procured care and thus can make full use of your boyfriend’s plausible.You actually, in addition, require know that your life is not only just roughly components objects. You need to make bringing out the finest inside you not to mention benefiting from just what tokens which you were presented with. “If someone give up as soon as possible, you will be successful in very late.Within That comes her way, help make appear selections.