NBA Betting: A Story From a Long Time Handicap Bettor Part 2

I have been a longtime handicap bettor and I actually love NBA betting. I want to share with you NBA betting tips which have made me sufficient, if not a lot of money (I didn’t want to brag). Now here goes my article which tries to cover angles that you should look at so that you can bet logically and finally make money from NBA betting.

In this article, what I want to share with you is my experiences on how to make money and more importantly, how not to lose money in NBA betting. In this article, I will talk about factors that affect NBA betting including the NBA season, soft sports and NBA road trips. These are important factors that can help you earn you cash.

As I have mentioned in my previous article, it is important to realize that NBA betting and NBA in general is a somehow rewarding but difficult sport to play, especially to handicappers. Why? Just look at how long a season is in the NBA. It is as long as major league baseball. So if you are a handicap gambler, forget about playing everyday for the whole NBA season. You will just experience burnout. What I do is I schedule my NBA betting activities and follow it to the tee. It is the only way that I can avoid burnout. When you burn yourself out, you also allow yourself to make wrong decisions and bet money that involves your whole bankroll! That’s a bad combination and one that can cost you a lot. So, be smart about it and bet on a schedule.

Another thing I have mentioned in my previous article is to be in the know even during the off-season. A lot of superstar athletes in the NBA get traded after the season and this can affect your NBA betting activities.

It can also be a good opportunity for you as a handicap gambler. So, make it a habit to always check what is happening in the world of the NBA even in the off-season. In fact, I like NBA betting so much I am happy to read about NBA news on a daily basis. It is something I enjoy so after I read the newspaper and have my coffee, I go online and check NBA betting news.

So now, let’s discuss the angles that need to be covered to make NBA betting via handicapping a very profitable experience. The first angle is if you are a handicapper doing some NBA betting, distance yourself from road favorites in the NBA.

When you are doing handicap NBA betting, you can earn money by checking soft sports in the NBA schedule. For example, the Spurs are dubbed as a 10 point favorite. They had a soft spot scheduled and played home the night before playing in Atlanta. It was the Spurs doing a one game road trip and resulted in a soft spot in their schedule. What happened is they lost and did not make it in spite of the 10 point favorite. If you are a keen and good gambler, you would know this and use this information to make a lot of money by betting on the underdog!

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NBA Betting: A Story From a Long Time Handicap Bettor

I like NBA betting, specifically handicapping games in the NBA. There is money to make in NBA betting as long as you are smart enough to look at all the angles and have the patience to play in this admittedly difficult sport.

In my article, I want to share things which you need to know in NBA betting so that just like me, you can enjoy the games and make some money. I will also enlist some tips on the pitfalls you have to avoid when being involved in NBA betting so that you do not lose money and you can enjoy the excitement of the game while making profit.

For this particular article, I will cover all sorts of topics that would include important factors in NBA betting to think about such as road trips, break from the NBA season and soft sports.

The first thing you have to consider when doing some NBA betting is to look at how long a season in the NBA transpires. The NBA season is long and is similar to baseball. So, gamblers out there who think they can play the game every single night for the entire season is sure enough to experience burn out. Many gamblers will have a hard time to handicap on a daily basis and as a result, they might experience making bad plays which may lead to bad money spending, overspending in desperation and impatience or even both.

So, what I did was to find a schedule that works for me and one that allows me not to be burnt out. Even long time professional bettors, such as myself, can only take so much betting on professional NBA and college basketball so I schedule my betting sessions and make sure I stick to it. I take great advantage of the days that are light and do something else.

I am passionate about NBA betting so I make sure that even during off-season, I am on track and and up-to-date on all the information that swirls around the NBA.

When you are a handicapper in NBA betting, you must be in the know of off-season changes such as team shuffling and other personal changes like injuries. An example of this is the current season of the NBA when during the off-season, superstar NBA athletes have signed on to other teams. Just take a look at what they did to my man Kevin G. who was traded during the off-season a couple of years ago. If you do not pay attention, you might lose track of what is happening. So in order to avoid this, always be up for reading the news in magazines and on websites. Make it a habit, whether you are betting or not, to research.

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Fixing Your Own Nascar Schedule

by Ungaio

Stock car races by Nascar are scheduled all throughout the year over various locations inside and outside the US. When these schedules come out, you should make sure that you get updated so you wouldn’t miss out on any of the latest happenings. Consulting the Nascar Schedule regularly gets you into the game even further.

The schedules of races are predetermined and set before the start of every season. Should there be changes with the schedule due to emergencies or unfortunate events, then the new schedules are posted to inform the audience about it to keep everyone updated. But then, the time and dates of the races are rarely moved, because Nascar makes sure that all the events are carefully and meticulously planned and executed so that it will push through no matter what happens.

When you want your dealings to become more in favor of you, you must know that the more information you have regarding the racing events, the better your chances are in making wise decisions. Many expert handicappers believe that for you to achieve this, doing the analyses repeatedly and logically is very necessary.

On the other hand, bettors who are informed of the Nascar schedule on a regular basis have the advantage of being able to prepare earlier than others and set all the conditions he needs to ensure his winnings. When a certain outcome of a race occurs, the bettor who has studied the schedule carefully would know what move to make now considering that the series is a set of continuous racing events. And so, the bettor can then evaluate his decisions and make better wagers.

There are a couple of other things that can be considered as an added value that the knowledge of the Nascar schedule gives to its users. Among which is setting the standards for a better and more disciplined participants who know and take responsibility for all their actions.

The consequences of not being able to meet the expected results of a task that was initially set could rather be very disappointing and unfavorable for everyone concerned. By becoming a more disciplined individual and being well-informed with the standards that have been set, any racing enthusiast will surely succeed in this sport.

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