Super Bowl Season: A Hot Time In The Cold With Fire Pit

What you’ll need:

Fire pit

Any fire pit will do – all you need are flames and warmth for this party. But you’ll do best with a portable pit to move to the ideal location in your yard – you know, like close to an electrical outlet for the TV. There are many styles available so you can get one that will fit well into your outdoor space.

Most local stores put their fire pits away for the winter, so if you’re shopping for one look online. Check out sites like or – they have great selections, and you’ll even find shipping deals (like free shipping for some things).


You can transport a TV out to the deck just for the game. Before the big day select your party location. Find a spot close to an electrical outlet, that’s level and you can place your TV stand (that may be a bench, table, chest, etc.)… and not too close to the fire pit!

This is an important step – don’t wait till the morning of the Bowl to scope out your options because then it may be too late to solve any problems you run into.


Go ahead, pull out the summer deck chairs. Set them around the fire pit and in front of the TV. Everyone will have 50-yard-line seating with no big columns in the way!

If you live in a cold climate and your chairs don’t have seat padding, you may want to put cushions in the seats for a little extra warmth. Heated cushions are an even better idea and available in sporting goods stores.


Live way north? You can have the usual game brews and keep them cold in the snow banks.

Whatever you serve in glasses, have a couple coffee pots for coffee, hot water, hot chocolate, hot spiced rum, etc.


With your guests seated around your fire pit you’ve got some great food options. You can do the usual hot dogs, or put a grill rack over the flames and cook up burgers, wings or steaks. Or make up kabobs for guests to grill whenever they want during the game.

Here’s another idea: grab those grilling sticks from the garage and give one or two to each guest. Set out a bowl full of individual grillers: cubed seasoned steak, quartered marinated onions, buttered/seasoned bread, marshmallows (of course!), and whatever else you can skewer.

There you have it, the basics for your outdoor Super Bowl party around the fire pit. Now you’re ready to call your buddies and let ‘em know they’re watching the Big Game this year at your place!

Outdoor fire pits will elevate your relationships and your backyard. You can also create your own camp with fire pits and tiki torches at indoor or outdoor area.

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