Nfl Tickets – Injuries Wreak Havoc On Nfl Teams

Football fans have already had plenty of surprises to endure this season, including a Randy Moss trade back to Minnesota and a Super Bowl hangover that’s been hard for the Saints and Colts to shake. There have also been several injuries amongst key players around the league, and here are some of the most significant players and injuries making headlines through Week 5 of the regular season.

Jermichael Finley, Green Bay Packers, Knee. Tight end Jermichael Finley has been placed on the injured reserve following a knee injury suffered in Green Bay’s Week 5 game against the Redskins. Finley’s knee injury was at first predicted to have a three-to-six week recovery, but the injury was later said to be much more serious with a longer recovery period necessary. This one will hurt the Packers in the short term.

Matthew Stafford, Detroit Lions, Shoulder. Stafford suffered a sprained shoulder in his throwing arm during the Lions’ season opener, leaving his team without their lead signal-caller ever since. He’s expected to return to the football field mid-season and could even return by early November, which would be great news for Detroit fans.

Clinton Portis, Washington Redskins, Groin. Portis suffered a third degree separation of the left groin and has already been sidelined a month, causing him to lose his starting job to Ryan Torain. While Portis has made statements to the media claiming he’d be back on the field yet this season, the extended healing time of the injury has Redskins fans worried – and for good reason.

Bob Sanders, Indianapolis Colts, Biceps. It’s no shock that Bob Sanders is on the Indy sidelines once again this season, but it sure is a disappointment. Just months after rupturing a biceps tendon in his left arm, Sanders injured his right biceps tendon early this season, keeping him off the field once again. Sanders is a player who sells tons of NFL tickets when he’s healthy, but unfortunately he hasn’t been much of a contributor for the Colts over the last few seasons.

Sidney Rice, Minnesota Vikings, Hip. Rice has been on the Vikings’ PUP list all season while recovering from an offseason surgery on his hip, but he’ll be eligible to get back on the field for Week 8, which is what he’s aiming for. Rice recently made progress by getting off crutches, but the Vikes have signed Randy Moss to their roster to fill in the gap in between.

Cedric Griffin, Minnesota Vikings, Knee. Minnesota lost their starting cornerback with an ACL injury last January during the NFC championship game, and it looks like they’ve lost him again for the season. Griffin hurt his knee during the Vikings’ Week 5 Monday night matchup against the New York Jets, and early evidence is pointing to another ACL tear.

Shawne Merriman, San Diego Chargers, Calf. Not only is Shawne Merriman injured, but he’s also on his way out of San Diego. The controversial linebacker injured his calf in Week 3 in the Chargers’ matchup against the Seahawks and he’s since been handed “minor-injury designation,” meaning the Chargers must release him once he’s back from his injury.

Mark Clayton, St. Louis Rams, Knee. The Rams lost a crucial asset to their offense during Week 5 against the Lions, when their No. 1 receiver Mark Clayton suffered a season-ending knee injury. Clayton tore his patellar tendon in his right knee and will undergo surgery to repair the injury, leaving him out of contention for the rest of the season.

Darrelle Revis, New York Jets, Hamstring. Revis’ tight left hamstring has been giving him issues since Week 2, but he’s still considered week-to-week by Rex Ryan and Co. Revis’ injury doesn’t seem to be too serious, but its nagging return after Week 5 is not a great sign for Gang Green.

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One Core Player for a Team is Helpful for NBA

The NBA lockout is continuing, different factors should be taken into consideration before the bosses and managers make the decision of how to run their teams well after the recovery of the NBA.

It has been more than one month since the beginning of the NBA lockout. And many experts did these or those comments on the influences of the lockout to the whole field of basketball and the players, and even the influence to the related market (NBA Shoes) and the expanding of the NBA.

Many people are keen on finding out the essential reason for the lockout and the bad situation for nowadays’ NBA, and a new point came out that it is better that there is only one core player for a team. As a result, the team managers will not buy those players on the same levels leading to a complicated NBA market, just like what LeBron James did last summer.

Each team is of capacity to hold its core player, but the Cavaliers failed in this case. Therefore, it lost James(LeBron James Shoes) from last summer and did not have the chance to take part into the NBA finals. There are only 15 players for a team, and the one who is able to become the core player of the team must be all-star level, or even his figures rank in the top 25 of the NBA league. As a result, there won’t be so many players having the decision to change the team.

If the Cavaliers could get know this point, they would not loss LeBron, as the Raptors would not let go Bosh. When face so many big value contracts, many players would naturally over value themselves and this is a reason for the lockout.

They are not satisfied with their current salaries, and they plan to move. After they move to a new city, the attendance of their former cities went worse and their ex-bosses can not afford more value contracts for new players. As a result, the differences of labor contracts happened and a lockout came.

It is not only that the team managers and bosses should be responsible for the lockout, the players should, too. If to be more sharp, which is the NBA players prefer, money or the dream of basketball?

The NBA lockout is continuing, different factors should be taken into consideration before the bosses and managers make the decision of how to run their teams well after the recovery of the NBA.

Are Your Cheap NHL Jerseys Fake?

So you finally found a deal on some cheap NHL jerseys that you’ve had your eye on for awhile. Even for those who are well off, the thought of buying an authentic hockey sweater for close to $ 350 is somewhat numbing. This leaves most of us doing one of three things:

Never getting one at all
Buying a cheap replica
Waiting to find a great deal on the “real thing”

This is where those with an untrained eye fall victim to the ever growing industry that is counterfit sports merchandise. As an avid fan, you wouldn’t be caught dead by your pals while wearing a iron-on replica, authentic or not. So you are either going to bite the $ 350 bullet, or hop on the web and search for some type of a deal. It is here that you will find a wide range of “authentic” jerseys priced anywhere from the normal $ 350, down to as low as $ 30.

The problem today is that counterfeiters are getting closer and closer to producing near-perfect knock-offs, making it nearly impossible to spot a fake unless it is side-by-side with a real one. The days of mis-shaped logo’s, incorrect colors, improper tags and missing fight straps that made fake’s easy to detect are long gone. To tell the difference in today’s world buying from respected dealers is the only sure-fire way to know that you will get what you pay for.

So what if you already went to eBay, found your favorite player’s authentic sweater brand new for $ 50 and proceeded to send your cash?

Well, if you don’t mind knowing that your jersey is not an authentic, and your friends aren’t jersey guru’s, then good job on finding a deal! If you are not this guy, then you probably want to know if you were ripped off or not, and how to know.

As mentioned earlier, the best way to know is to compare the jersey in question with a authentic sweater. Here are a few common areas where discrepancies are found:
NHL Hologram Tag
Fight Strap
NHL Shield Logo
Reebok Logo
Overall Quality of Stitching
Letter Fonts
Collar Angles
Reebok Tags – Is there a barcode sticker?

These are all things that are very hard to spot when purchasing online. What makes it harder is that most sellers will use a photo of an actual authentic jersey to fool you. They get around this trickery by carefully wording their product descriptions. They will never quite claim an item to be “authentic”, but will use just about every other synonym out there, which will lead you to believe just that.

This brings me to the conclusive answer of yes. There is a good chance that your cheap NL jersey is a fake. The best way to tell is to compare to the real thing. The best way to prevent getting ripped-off is to buy from reputable dealers such as the NHL website itself, or Reebok(current makers of the official NHL jerseys). If however, your friends aren’t up to snuff on what an authentic jersey should look like, and/or you could care less about what they think, go get yourself a really good deal on a near identical jersey.

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All the Best,

Jorge Menendez