Aarkstore Enterprise -Mobile Device Management 2008-2013: Evaluating the business case for FOTA

Mobile Device Management 2008-2013: Evaluating the business case for FOTA alongside trends in configuration and security Aug 2008

Growth in mobile data services and the surge in sales of high-end mobile devices has drawn greater attention to the issue of mobile device management (MDM), among operators and handset manufacturers. Operators are realising that over-the-air mobile device management (OTA MDM) solution can significantly reduce their cost of operations – are you benefiting from these developments? Handset manufacturers have gone a step further and enabled device management on all devices that have been launched from 2007. But widespread operator deployment of MDM solutions is yet to occur in several countries. What is preventing the large scale adoption of MDM solutions? This timely report will tell you. By purchasing and reading this report you will know the factors affecting the MDM market and you will know them today.

Operators are encouraging customers to use data services, but customers are not willing to subscribe to these premium services unless the applications are easy to access, install and deploy. Operators are vulnerable to increases in customer service costs, returned handsets, and more churn if they cannot provide a positive user experience. How can MDM be effectively utilised to solve these problems? This report tells you on how operators in different markets have handled the situation.

This report answers key questions including:

Is there a compelling case for full operator deployment of MDM?
What impact can OTA MDM have on KPIs, including churn and ARPU?
What will be the market impact as FOTA expands to support customisation and personalisation?
What revenues will MDM see by 2013?
What is driving and inhibiting OTA MDM?
What kind of impetus will the introduction of open standards provide for operators to adopt OTA MDM?
Will hosted MDM services be popular in the enterprise and operator markets?
Will large integrated solution providers emerge to target both sectors?
What are the vendor and handset maker strategies for FOTA?
Who are the major players who have gained entry into the market?
How does OTA MDM deal with the security aspect of mobile devices?
The market for MDM comprises two separate and distinct environments – the corporate enterprise and the mobile operators.

While the corporate market is established and has evolved into a well-accepted mechanism, a clear business advantage is not visible in the operator market. What does an effective MDM strategy entail? By buying this report, you will find the answer to this important question.

Mobile thefts, loss of data stored in mobile handsets and network security have made the topic of security management with MDM to gain high credence. Both enterprises and operators seem to lag behind in device security. Though enterprises and operators have provided for remote lock and wipe facility to protect data leakage, this does not seem to be adequate in the larger context. What do operators, enterprises and solution providers need to do to improve security and user confidence? Get answers to all the queries and also know about the different threats posed to device security in the MDM report. Focus is also given to the security management policy that needs to be drafted and adhered to by the stakeholders.

Who benefits from this report?
MDM vendors, operators, mobile handset manufacturers, security solution providers, blue chip companies or companies possessing a large mobile fleet deployed among the workforce and software firms.

With comprehensive analysis of the MDM market, detailing components, drivers and barriers, along with charts, graphs, tables, figures and analysis, this is an essential addition to your MDM knowledge base. This unique easy to read report critically assesses the benefits promised by MDM and outlines issues that players across the value chain need to consider when framing their strategies in this space. The report identifies key market trends and charts the market’s evolution through 2013, with a particular focus on the emerging operator market.

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Global SaaS-based CRM Market 2009-2013

Global SaaS-based CRM Market 2009-2013

SaaS (Software-as-a-Service)-based Customer Relationship Management (CRM) is an on-demand deployment of CRM software, where the user can access the software through license or lease as a Web-based service. It provides an alternative to implementation or maintaining CRM software.

Source: SaaS Market

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The SaaS-based CRM is increasingly becoming popular as resources are maintained by a service provider. Further, SaaS-based CRM provides flexible, low-cost business model to enable its customers focus more on their core business. Moreover, the businesses can easily meet the fluctuating demands through this model. Additionally, the SaaS-based CRM service provider gives customers network-based access to a single copy of CRM application, which is created specifically for SaaS distribution. Thus, it eliminates the need for time consuming patches and updates in the software.
The tough economic conditions have resulted in the growth of the SaaS-based marketing model. This is because it provides the companies with cost-effective option of accessing a software-as-a-service instead of implementing the entire package software. Thus, the companies are adopting new technologies such as SaaS-based CRM that can substantially reduce the cost.
Presently, the credit crunch and small & medium businesses are opting for SaaS-based CRM as a cost effective alternative by making installment based payments. Moreover, most of the IT companies are channelizing their product portfolio and introducing new service offerings (like social networking services through the SaaS-based CRM).

Further, the increasing use of Web-based computing and popularity of Web-based applications have fueled the growth of SaaS-based CRM. Furthermore, the companies are exploring new mediums to enhance the customer experience through the adoption of SaaS-based CRM.
This report highlights scope of the SaaS-based CRM market, along with trends, drivers, growth inhibitors and a few major vendors in the market.

Table Of Contents

1. Introduction

2. Market Size and Forecast

3. Geographic Segmentation
3.1.Market Size in Americas
3.2.Market Size in EMEA
3.3.Market Size in APAC

4. Market Trends in SaaS-based CRM

5. Market Drivers in SaaS-based CRM

6. Market Challenges in SaaS-based CRM

7. Vendors

8. Related Reports in this Series

List of Exhibits

Exhibit 2.1: SaaS-based CRM Market Size & Forecast 2009-2013 (In $ million)
Exhibit 3.1: SaaS-based CRM Market Size & Forecast 2009 (In $ million)
Exhibit 3.2: SaaS-based CRM Market Size in Americas 2009-2013 (in $ million)
Exhibit 3.3: SaaS-based CRM Market Size in EMEA 2009-2013 (in $ million)
Exhibit 3.4: SaaS-based CRM Market Size in APAC 2009-2013 (in $ million)

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Guangming Daily: Nba-par School Sports School Sports – Sports And Leisure Industries Hc Network

I recently stayed in the United States, because of professional relationship great attention to the local newspaper’s sports coverage. Typically, a U.S. newspaper every day about 10 version of sports news over the weekend and Monday the sports pages and more. These days coincided with the NFL “Super Bowl” finals held at Turin Winter Olympic Games are about to kick-off, coupled with events such as NBA, Sports News version of the content is an array of natural, very busy.

Surprising that so many highlights in the sports competition when the Washington Post sports pages almost exactly one version out a day or more in length, near the area high school sports coverage, there is the Student Gymnastics, wrestling’s feature articles, as well as detailed coverage of High School Basketball League scores will not help people Association To the only national sports daily?? Chinese sports newspaper, it is difficult find a full page of high school sports news; said to be the largest circulation newspaper sports professional?? Sports Weekly on how much the schools can not find Sports Feature. This is too harsh a contrast.

National newspaper sports news content in school physical education less, on the one hand and not enough media attention to the report in this regard, also because of their conduct Debu school sports active, not busy, could not lead to media attention. In fact, school sports both for the world’s high level of professional soccer, basketball, tennis and so on, or under the National System for the sports of many professional sports, the foundation and the soil are essential. In the United States, Jordan, Phelps and other groups of school sports stars are all grown up sports; in China, Liu Xiang, Deng Yaping, and many other well-known sports figures, are also beginning to sport in schools enlightenment. In contrast, U.S. schools and the atmosphere is more traditional sports a long, strong, primary?? Schools?? University of the sports Talent Cultured Chain Convergence is even more smooth; the work of our culture seedling sports, sports sector and education sector seems to be their own way, do not work together, so link up when there are always small disputes.

To big ball project as an example, in the past with professional sports teams sports department first team, second team, along with Olympics Gold implementation of the strategy to carry out the reform and sports, sports, limited financial and human resources departments can only shorten the front, foot, basket, volleyball and other remaining second-line youth team were cut down a 20. In the United States does not have a professional sports team management sports department, and only professional sports club, their talents are thousands of university sports teams. We are one of 20 youth teams and thousands of support people than college sports teams, how people than the reserve forces of the strong won it? How it was that got people’s bustling youth sports do? Currently in China, attention to primary and secondary enrollment rate, the employment rate of the University of value, as for the establishment of the school sports teams are not built to train non-talented athletes, many of the education sector are not well thought of. The sports sector, for high school and college sports teams in the coaches, players race to the number of registered and other areas to support and facilitate it?

Not active in school physical education and growth, the Chinese sports will eventually become a river without water, without a tree, how about building a real physical power?

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The Spurs Tickets : The Spurs Have Set Several Nba Attendance Records In Nba History

The Spurs are the city’s only team in any of the four major U.S. professional sports leagues. Spurs players are active members of the San Antonio community, and many former Spurs are still active in San Antonio, like David Robinson with the Carver Academy and George Gervin with the George Gervin Youth Center.

The Spurs set several NBA attendance records while playing at the Alamodome, including the largest crowd ever for a NBA Finals game in 1999, and the Spurs continue to sell out the smaller, more intimate AT&T Center (formerly SBC Center) on a regular basis.

In February of each season, the team is forced into an extended road-trip due to the occupation of its arena by the San Antonio Stock Show & Rodeo. This is informally known as the “Rodeo Road Trip.”Since 1999, the Spurs have consistently posted winning road records during this period, including an NBA-record longest single road trip winning streak (8 games, achieved in 2003).

When Spurs have won the NBA Championship, the team’s victory parade included the team traveling the San Antonio River on boats adjacent to the San Antonio River Walk.Since ’97, the Spurs have won 69.6 percent of their games, the best winning percentage in professional sports.

Entering the 2002/03 season, the team knew it would be memorable for at least two reasons, as David Robinson announced that it would be his last in the NBA and the Spurs would begin play at their new arena, the SBC Center, named after telecommunications giant SBC, whose corporate headquarters were located in San Antonio (SBC became AT&T after its acquisition of its former parent company). To mark this occasion, the Spurs revamped their “Fiesta Colors” logo and reverted to the familiar silver and black motif (though, during the time of the Fiesta logo, the uniform remained silver and black).

This version of the Spurs was very different from the team that had won the title a few years earlier. Second-year French star Tony Parker, drafted by the Spurs in the first round of the 2001 NBA Draft, was now the starting point guard for the Spurs. The squad featured a variety of newly acquired three-point shooters, including Stephen Jackson, Danny Ferry, Bruce Bowen, Steve Kerr, Steve Smith and Argentina product Manu Ginobili, a 1999 second-round draft choice playing in his first NBA season. After splitting their first two games on the road, the Spurs christened the SBC Center in style on November 1 by beating the Toronto Raptors 91-72.

The Spurs would not get off to a flying start as they had a 19-13 record heading into January, which had them 7 games out of first place in the Midwest Division. In January the Spurs began to gel and seemed prepped to make a run, when they were forced to embark on a 9-game road trip from January 25 to February 16 while the rodeo was in town. However, it would be hardly a bump in he road for the charging Spurs who won 8 of the 9 and began to climb their way to first place. The Spurs would go on to erase their 7-game deficit and finish the season in a flatfooted tie with the Dallas Mavericks for the best record in the NBA.

Thanks to a tiebreaker the Spurs would win their 3rd straight Division title as Tim Duncan claimed his second straight NBA MVP.[16] In the playoffs, the Spurs defeated the Suns, Lakers and Dallas Mavericks en route to facing the New Jersey Nets in the NBA Finals. The series against the Nets marked the first time two former ABA teams would play each other for the NBA Championship. The Spurs won the series 4/2, giving them their second NBA Championship in franchise history. Duncan was named both the NBA Regular Season and Finals MVP for the season.

The Spurs sent 38-year-old Bruce Bowen, 36-year-old Kurt Thomas, and 34-year-old Fabricio Oberto to the Bucks, who swapped Oberto to the Detroit Pistons for Amir Johnson. The Spurs held three second-round picks in the 2009 draft. Their selection of Pittsburgh Panthers forward DeJuan Blair with the #37 pick was described as a “steal” by analysts; the Spurs later drafted two guards they had been targeting with the #37 pick, taking Miami Hurricanes shooting guard Jack McClinton and point/shooting guard Nando de Colo from France with the #51 and #53 picks, respectively.

On July 10, 2009, the Spurs signed Detroit Pistons power forward Antonio McDyess to a three-year deal worth approximately $ 15 million in guaranteed money.

The Spurs would once again make the playoffs at the end of the 2009-2010 season, entering as the Western Conference #7 seed. The first round would be a rematch against their rivals, the #2 seed Dallas Mavericks; this time, the Spurs would pull the upset, winning the series 4 games to 2 and becoming the first seventh seed team to win in a best of 7 series. Unfortunately, their run ended in the semifinals as they were swept by the, Phoenix Suns.

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Seeing NBA Using Your Much-loved NBA Cycling Jerseys to Compliment Your Favorite Team

Seeing NBA Using Your Much-loved NBA Cycling Jerseys to Compliment Your Favorite Team
NBA has been specially the most famous ball game using a huge number of audience all the games. You’ll find favorite megastars individuals through the gemstone, his or her remarkable passes after which it neat cheap mlb jerseys amaze me contentedly. Savoring NBA suits has developed into recharged treatment for everyone, plus getting into NBA cycling tops possibly at turns into a style. Makes it possible for examine the fresh new methods of NBA cycling tops: Material of most cycling tops turns into mesh, plus the get into after which it brand with the figure come embroidered, however , there is merely one depressed stratum, men shade the other volume brand, plus the tank top dimensions are shown by Murielle, T, XL moreover XXL.

Truly, textiles associated with a team won’t be the same which could be split up into around three types. By way of example: some mesh towel of Goblins, a great way mercerized cotton textile involving 76ers plus the made by hand interlock involving Lakers. The many makes after which it numbers of avid gamers are routine embroidered, so hues report more textiles from adding embroidery. Quite a lot hat it isn’t just because item of clothing for the player, and also manifests a manner, a life style or life style which transports nice allure linked to fans. In the USA, some NBA hat traditions and is also wealthier: Quite a lot discolored regarding the Lakers and initiate green coupled Boston Celtics a few real there is much surprise. An emotionally wrought decision cheap authentic mlb jerseys have been used often by stop soccer ball players to look at attract from the audience using spotless information.

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Watching NBA with the Well Liked NBA Cycling Jerseys that will Help Your Own Private Program

NBA is certainly for no reason amongst the most common ball park utilizing countless readership every game. And has well liked famous people of them over the playground, a bunch of their great shoots and then serene physical activities New Jersey Nets jerseys enamor some it’s good to know. Observing NBA two games has turned into that they need discover for, and then to during NBA cycling jerseys so too turns into a standard of living. We are going to here are a few the popular styles of NBA cycling jerseys: The fabric for cycling jerseys from mesh, as well as the chunk and then word extremely player are provided embroidered, but there’s very single encryption, man hue your decide one length of time indicate.

In addition to this, textiles of each workforce are not the same which are often divided into around three lists. Much like: low interlock fabric of Wizards, the income mercerized cotton fiber content the fact that 76ers as well as your own private able for Lakers. Most of brand names and then numbers of clients usually are embroidered; regarding designs insert important textiles to use as layering embroidery. Be seated hat isn’t just upon clothing a new jogger, but will also manifests a manner, millions of standard of living or use the daily life which will posts different charisma indoors admirers. In the nation, low NBA hat culture is known as abundant: Be seated blue on the Lakers moreover vegetation over the Celtics end up frequent regarding who the winner. Implementing New Orleans Hornets jerseys also has been common with street physical activities boys and girls to have inspiration included in the audience with their sparkling talents.

What is more, most people despite the fact that wean NBA shirt finding your way through watching NBA systems of showing it is actually support on their supporting workforce.

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