The Future of Responsive Web Design 2013

This is main fact is that in order to coming in the web design industry, a designer needs to keep yourself tuned with the current trends. Knowing what to expect in the coming year will help you be prepared for web design.


When HTML 4 was introduced, it brought different type of great changes in terms of design and development as many of developers were allowed to use different fonts while designing and creating text. HTML 5 brings the promise of a great tomorrow with advanced features like mobile based design, audio and video tagging as well as drag and Drop functions. In fact, a recent IT expert has proved that approximate 50% of internet users has using HTML 5 compatible browsers.


We know that Web based Graphic library is a recent technological feat, which is very unknown to many web developers and designers. WebGL is actually an extension of web based graphics library that transforms the JavaScript into a super programmable language, which has the great capacity to generate high level graphics from low label. These graphics allow web user to experience an attractive session if the web browser is compatible with GPU of the card.


For many past years, CSS3 has been an important tool for website layout, attractive presentation and great font styling. Traditionally, CSS3 has lot of limitations in terms of editing and maintaining font styles and creating customized text boxes. The new version of CSS3 has brought many of great advanced features and many type of font customization solutions to the table. Some of the great new features include box transformations, animations, transitions and shadows.

The uncertain future of Flash

Adobe flash has been considered as one of the biggest tools for web designers for attractive web design and website.

However, recent prediction according to Google web designing and webmaster says that search engine doesn’t crawl the website If made with flash but the popularity of Flash makes it unique because of his abilities to make application attractive.

The complicated future

Web design and IT field is growing continuity so competition increases day by day in this field. The person with different technologies can make good future in it.

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Canadian Real Estate: What to Expect in 2013

The Canadian real estate market is looking promising for 2013. The major market drivers this year are second-time and multi-time buyers. Home-sellers can expect to have prudent and experienced shoppers. Single buyers and young buyers will also make up a sizable portion of the home-buying population. Housing performance is expected to rise over the next 12-24 months. This is an ideal time for first and second-time home buyers to purchase homes and properties. 

Market Drivers

The majority of homebuyers are second-time and multi-time buyers. They are expected to make up 70 percent of the home buying market this year. First-time buyers shouldn’t be ignored. They are expected to make up the other 30 percent of the market. 

Prudence and Experience in Homebuyers 

Prudence and experience are two qualities that are going to dominate the real estate scene this year. The majority of homebuyers are going to make well thought out decisions regarding new properties. They are going to use their experience, equity and prudence to make the best decisions possible. These homebuyers are also expected to bring sizable down payments to the table. 

Housing Performance and Buyer Confidence

Confidence in the housing market is growing among Canadians. Almost 50 percent of surveyed Canadians believe that housing values in their area will rise in 2013. In Ontario, a staggering 85 percent of people surveyed believe their housing values will remain the same or rise over the next 12 months. These figures show a confidence in housing performance that has been absent in recent years. 

Housing Outlook 

Single-detached homes remain the most sought out properties.

They make up over 50 percent of all homes purchased. Condominiums fall behind at about 17 percent. There is even a small market interest in recreational properties. Urban locations seem to be the most popular, with suburban locations close behind. Only about 16 percent of home buyers are looking for rural properties. Alberta has the most interest in urban homes. British Columbia has a large interest in suburban areas. 

How Are They Shopping?

First, second and multi-time homebuyers are expected to use smart phones and tablets as part of their shopping strategy. They can check neighborhood statistics, school information and crime statistics easily and swiftly. This new technology allows new homebuyers to do their research before falling in love with a potential home. Many people wind find home listings on social media websites also. Sellers are expected to take advantage of this new technology when marketing their homes. 

Homebuyer Trends 

Less than 20 percent of homebuyers over the next 24 months are single. Families account for about 33 percent of homebuyers. The largest home-buying group is couples, making up about 43 percent. Among single homebuyers, they genders are equally represented. Young professionals make up a large portion of the single home-buying group. 

Many people would be interested to find out that the largest age group is 35-54. They make up 40 percent of the home-buying population. Younger homebuyers, between the ages of 18-34, make up about 37 percent of the home-buying population. 

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Some tips on holidays in Sardinia 2013


Four months after the beginning of the summer, Sardinia is preparing again to accommodate the thousands of tourists who, like every year, will flood the coasts to enjoy the sea and sunbathing.

Island in the middle of the Mediterranean, Sardinia can boast of having one of the most beautiful beaches in the world, thanks to the quality of the sand, the total lack of pollution and the minimum urban impact, this region has places classified as real natural monuments.

In a hypothetical journey from north to south, it is noted that Sardinia is constantly changing its appearance: in Gallura dominates granite, in the central coast are popular coves, the south is characterized by long stretches of fine and white sand. The sea changes its color depending on the latitude: emerald green to the north, turquoise and infinite shades of blue in the south. The common feature of all these seas is the transparency of the water.

But there is another Sardinia, the interior, less known but equally charming and full of surprises. The heart of the island is dominated by mountains, inaccessible and not always easy to explore, almost as if to hide the deepest secrets of this land. Wherever there is the Mediterranean vegetation with its intense aroma. Here you can discover the most ancient humans evidences on the island, with the widespread presence of nuraghi, majestic buildings that date back to prehistoric times. Here you can learn about the true spirit of the Sardinians, marked by kindness and hospitality.

And speaking of hospitality, there are many facilities in the area: from luxury hotels to bed and breakfasts, from holiday rentals to campings. Prices obviously vary depending on the services in the area, with the eastern and western coasts cheaper than those in the north and south.

As shown by business operators, such as Explore Sardinia, which specializes in holiday rentals, this year will be required for the bigger villas Sardinia because they offer the best value for money. What also encourages tourists to opt for this solution is the complete freedom of which you can enjoy (no time constraints, for example) and the location, in most cases near to the sea.

There are many activities that you can do on the island: in addition to relaxing swims in the sea, many other water sports such as sailing or windsurfing, for lovers of the underwater world there are snorkeling and fishing. Activities out of the water are endless: from the traditional sports to other more connected to the places in which they are practiced, such as horse-riding along the country paths, mountain biking and walking, climbing along the rocky slopes of coasts.

Sardinia is also very lively at night, especially during the summers when they seem to have no end: many events that follow one another, from concerts to sporting events, from exhibitions to food and wine festivals, from cultural debates to film festivals.

Final factor to consider for those who want to go on holiday in Sardinia: the connections. The island is served by ferries and a lot of low-cost airlines companies that operating flights to the three major airports of Sardinia.

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Perfect evening prom gowns for 2013

Evening dresses, granted the fact that producer suggests, are especially produced outfits excellent to positioned on within evenings for just about any evening out near to toward town, to some formal celebration or just merely for the reason which you truly really feel like acquiring glammed up. You can choose to positioned on an evening gown dependent near to toward occasion. These sorts of outfits are remarkable for formal dinners, cocktail occasions with one one more with other occasions that take place all by method of the evening.

Don’t fret in circumstance you truly are not mindful belonging utilizing one of the most critical suited sort of clothing for an evening party. The subsequent recommendations will help you locate the remarkable clothing utilizing the occasion. in circumstance you truly are searching for to show up at a formal occasion, then you certainly definitely can choose to positioned on cocktail dresses. Cocktail outfits are mid-length. You can positioned for the fitted jacket with one one more with one another with your cocktail clothing to provide it a a great provide extra formal look. in circumstance you truly are searching for to positioned on an evening clothing for the wedding reception, then you certainly definitely can choose to positioned on ball gowns with wider neck lines. in circumstance you truly are searching for to positioned on an evening clothing for just about any semi-formal occasion, you can positioned on affordable prom dresses.

Add glamour for the appear by placing on an evening dress.

A remarkable evening dress will intensify your beauty. in circumstance you truly are wanting to acquire an evening clothing for the wedding reception, then you certainly definitely can acquire a gown that is prepared of luxury uses like satin, silk or velvet. You can even have your evening outfits imprinted with very helpful crystals to provide it a posh look.

Don’t presume that evening dresses are meant only for slim women. Even in circumstance you truly undoubtedly really are a as well as dimension woman, you can effortlessly purchase a as well as dimension evening clothing that fits your figure. an additional choice will be to think concerning the help in the costume designer, who can design and design remarkable outfits for you. add-ons also sustain out an essential element in relation to evening dresses. positioned on add-ons to complement your dress. Even if your evening clothing is simple, you may make certain it is appear fancy by placing on grand accessories.

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Display Your Soccer Scarf Well


Soccer scarf is not just little piece of cloth that only helps you to show your support for your favourite team. It is really a scarf that serves its true purpose of protecting you from catching a cold in the chilly winter months while you sit in the bleachers screaming at the top of your lungs and rooting for the team.
Eleven men, one ball, two goal posts and an unbelievable amount of tension for one and half-hours – yes those are what soccer is. Known as football in some countries of the world, it is the favourite game of millions of people around the world. It enjoys a huge fan following in most countries of the world.  So much so – that avid soccer fans always try to have some memorabilia of their favourite teams with them at all times. They believe it to be a good luck charm. From soccer boots to the ball itself, from matching t-shirts to the team’s flags – every single thing is of utmost importance to such enthusiastic fans. The soccer equipments that fans like to collect generally include goalie gloves, goalie gloves, shin guards, balls, etc. An equally significant item is the soccer scarf. During a soccer match, it is not difficult to find fans holding such a scarf over their heads to show support for their team. These scarves also serve the practical purpose of keeping supporters warm during the cold winter months.
However, that is not the only use a soccer scarf has. Man fans love to use displaying them at their homes to show their love and solidarity towards a certain team. Surprisingly enough, these scarves are also used as home accessories more often than not. This craze for soccer scarves on the fans’ part has not gone unnoticed by the teams either. Almost every team releases new scarves every season. They even create special scarves for certain special games. Such special ones generally have a date on them. Interestingly, these scarves also show the colours of the opposing team on one side. Celebratory football scarves are also designed for a soccer cup final. However, these are limited edition and sell out pretty quickly. Needless to say, they turn out to be really very valuable in the future.
It is actually very easy to hang a soccer scarf on a particular wall of your house. Anybody can do it. First of all, you have to stretch the soccer scarf and place a pencil mark on the top two corners of it. Then, you may bang nails into the wall on the pencil marks that you made. You can also fix it on the wall with the help of a screw. The distance between both nails should be measured accurately. Now, the next step involves cutting a picture frame wire to a length which is a few inches longer than the distance between the two nails or screws. This wire should be wrapped around the screws. One should now use two binder clips. The metal arm on the clip can then be removed and finally, the scarf should be hung on the wire, which would slide behind the clip arms and the scarf fabric.


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New Technologies Coming From Audi in 2013

German car manufacturing giant Audi is one of the worldwide leaders when it comes to automotive technology. They often come up with new, innovative technologies that are intended to improve a car’s performances, but also increase traffic safety and fuel economy.

Predictive Suspension

This system is the latest addition to the series of technologies that are part of the predictive intelligence concept, which Audi is trying to implement on each of their models. They’ve had huge success with previous technologies that are similar to this one, such as the adaptive cruise control and the active lane assist. The predictive suspension system is developed with one goal in mind: to help drivers avoid potholes, and enjoy a smooth ride. It’s a pretty intricate system, involving cameras, sensors, special software and a unique suspension system design.

There is a forward-facing camera that is mounted on the rear-view mirror, which along with sensors, scans the road 65 feet ahead, and sends information about road conditions to the software system, which analyzes this information and works to adjust the suspension system accordingly. Then, the specially designed suspension system will lower or raise the wheels, so that the car can go over bumps and potholes, and passengers won’t feel the changes on the road surface. This will definitely help reduce the number of car accidents and make your ride more comfortable.

Audi Wireless Charging

This technology is developed in collaboration with WiTricity Corporation, and should revolutionize the way electric vehicles are charged.

Electric cars have offer many benefits, and are very good for the environment, but there are a couple of downsides that come with having an electric vehicle, such as the limited driving range they provide. The wireless charging technology includes an inductive charging system, which involves a coil installed in the ground at your driveway or garage, and another coil integrated in the car. Once you put your car into position, a magnetic field is activated and the charging begins. Charging electric vehicles will be much easier this way, and you won’t have to get out of the car and put a cord in it to charge it. Audi plans to install these systems on as many locations as possible, such as parking garages, and even on streets and highways, and we can expect to see this technology being used as early as 2015.

Lately, Audi are mostly focusing on green technologies, developing the e-tron concept, a hybrid sports car, auto-piloted parking, as well as the wireless charging system and that’s the directions where are they heading to in near future.

By Jordan Perch, automotive researcher and blogger at

2013 Jaguar XF Could Change the Game

2013 Jaguar XF Review

The XF is Jaguar’s entry in the luxury sport sedan market.  Available with all-wheel drive comes with a choice of new engines.  Jaguar is also introducing a high-performance XFR version.

The 2013 XF has a new flashier design that gives new life to a brand that has been sinking over the last decade.  New slimmed down headlights give the 2013 XF a sleek look not seen before from this manufacturer.

New features of the XF include an available all wheel drive configuration matched with a 8 speed transmission.  A new turbo 4 cyclinder engine and a supercharged V6 are also offered.

The new XF is now available with 4 engine options that pack a powerful punch.

Engines for the 2013 Jag XF

470-hp, 5.0-liter V-8
340-hp, 3.0-liter V-6
510-hp, 5.0-liter V-8
240-hp, 2.0-liter I-4

Some of the top features of this 2013 Jag are the ride and handling along with the elegant interior design.  Flush and finish of the model tested was above average, but nothing special for a luxury vehicle in this segment.  The huge trunk provided plenty of room for luggage and golf clubs for a weekend getaway.

A few features I didn’t like about this model included the tight leg room in the back seat and some light wind and road noise.

This Jaguar XF has a starting price of just under $ 47,000 with a top of the line model costing $ 83,000.  A little pricey for what you are getting in my opinion.

Models competing in the same class as the XF include Mercedes-Benz E-Class, BMW 5 Series, and the  Audi A6.

Insurance rates for the Jaguar XF are above average.  Comparing prices from multiple insurers will allow owners to find the best deal on Jaguar insurance and save money.

All in all, the Jaguar XF for 2013 is a quality car that will keep pace with the other vehicles in it’s class.  If I were going to select one variation to buy, it would be the V-6 SC version with the all wheel drive system.

Jeff Scott enjoys writing about new vehicles along with taking long test drives.  You can read more of his work by checking out the author page on this site.

10 most popular promotional products for 2013

10 most popular promotional products for 2013

Ranging from items of daily use to fun items that attract children or youngsters, a wide range of promotional products is fast gaining popularity. Here’s a list of the 10 most popular promotional products for the year 2013.

Drink Ware such as thermal mugs or glasses are most popular and are also used by most people. These are easy to carry and can be used to carry hot or cold drinks. Our Vortex double wall tumbler is available in 5 colors: Black, Blue, Clear, Green, Orange and Red. The acrylic body makes it durable and the easy to use thumb slide and straw stopper for cold beverages makes it convenient and attractive.  Click here to see the item.
Pens are of constant use and something that will always remain on your desk or in your hand at work and something that you just can’t have too many.  Ball point pens in most attractive color combinations with break resistant pocket clip are another popular promotional product that we at Ad Image offer.
Plastic Hard Cases for your sleek electronic touch screen smart phones, iPods or Ipads are very popular. Choose the sturdy plastic hard case from Ad Image available in four different colors. Attractive and useful at the same time, it allows easy access to all the buttons for operation and protects the outer body from scratches or from getting smudged.
Calendars are handed out at the end of the year. But their inevitable use at all times makes them one of the most popular promotional products with buyers and business clients as well.
Travel Packs are highly attractive promotional products especially among young people and students. These can be used for camping out or overnights. Also, backpacks are a major attraction for young office goers.
Sports Gear such as wrist watches, binoculars, sun glasses or even sippers are also popular promotion goods. Offer these in the spring and summer months to a targeted audience to suit customer interest.
Office desk and business accessories such as pen holders or table tops or even clocks are attractive. These items are a regular requirement and will remain constantly in sight of business owners and also visitors.
Computer accessories such as mouse pads, speakers or headphones will not face the risk of getting obsolete compared to other computer related products. A stock of such items at hand will always be welcome.
Stickers or badges may be good inexpensive promotion products. Stickers or badges with meaningful messages or quotes will be well appreciated for the same. A promotional product needn’t always be an expensive one.
Food stuff such as chocolates or assorted goodies will surely bring a smile on the face of your customers. The impact can be increased by packing the food items in reusable containers or using reusable packing material.

Selecting promotional products that match with your customer interests can be a highly effective advertising tool. Your logo and company message remain visible to your customers or clients and nothing else is more valuable than that.

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Make Festive Journey on New Year Cruises 2013


Look for best to unique start of New Year! Plethora of ways can be opted for start fresh year, which also greatly concern of New Year cruises. Yes, you must go with such amazing ideas like new year cruises 2013 that will be actually best choice for you to make a unique start of the year. Deepen your experience with cruises which come together with and shepherded land and wonderful destination around the world. It is not only to spend holiday vacation, you can discover much more also about the particular destination where you intended to go. The planning for cruises is little attentive, you need to discover lots of ideas about the cruises help you to know about packages, the destinations etc. Dealing is now become too easy because of availability of services online, just to be online and deal with your favorite cruises.
You have ever heard about new year eve cruises, or also be familiar with it. The cruises are best mean to find leisure along with fun during the vacation. When it comes with eve then the fun and amusement really increases. You can also find lots of amusing situations with the cruises that need your interests that drive you to plan for New Year eve cruises. Bounteous ideas and tips available on the web, is very helpful when it comes to planning for cruises. An individual can guess easily what the packages offering for them and what will also best to choose. Once you plan for the vacations, and book your cruises, you make sure about the fun and amusing that meet at cruises featuring of full parties, and other eve activities.
Maximize your amusement with new year cruises that will be best option for you if you are looking for spend new year’s holidays with something different ideas. There is no other mean than cruises filled with fun and adventures, the chance of discover some new places, which you consider to travel. Going through the heart of ocean, feelings of breeze wind, open sky, what the fun you ever dream for you. If you wishful to fulfill such dream, you don’t make delays, there are limited cruises available you can opt for you and can give a surprise gift to your family, a planning of cruises.
Today’s hectic world is cause of many of occurrence in our life. Most usually overlook the any important dates and planned events. As everyone have dreams to go for cruises, so that, the last minute cruises are suggested for them to give chance to enjoy the cruises. It is especially for those who don’t be able to plan in advance but have lots of desires to spend holidays. The packages are different according to cruises you would like to opt for you and your loved ones. It might be surprising for your family and loved ones, the chance of holidays break.
It is also very exciting and trendy when you consider about river cruises that is actually a greatest option for you to make a beautiful move through the famous city. Ranges of wonderful and fantastic new year river cruises that can be greatly opted from you side to enjoy the moment of river cruises along with moving around the city, observing beautiful sight of city and taking pictures from camera what the best ideas to spend your holidays. Europe, Egypt and other location for cruises, you can decide interestingly to find fun and amusement.

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35 New Cars Launching in 2013

Last year got much mixed reaction for the automotive industry, as we all know industry has to suffer due to the ever increasing rate of fuels. They really needed to take steps to save them from ever crunching market. But they did great work and in spite of bothering they took steps that helped them in dealing with the odds. They did a great job in enticing the new buyers and now in 2013 they are totally charged and geared up to launch new and amazing cars. This you’ll be getting nice collection of compact cars, premium sports utility vehicles, vans, super cars and lots more.

We all know that how much people adore Maruti cars and they are all set to launch new version of A-Star, its parent company has already showed it in China. This year Maruti will be coming with nine models, seems they have the biggest portfolio of small cars in India. We all have noticed that there is a strong focus on alternate-fuel vehicles. From Tata we’ll be getting their much awaited Tata Nano that too diesel powered that too in the second half of 2013. After its diesel Launch Company will also be introducing its CNG version.

You’ll be happy to know that a much compact version of the Manza is very much set to make its entry, but when we tried to confirm then Mumbai based company refused to talk about this news. So noting can be confirmed yet. Hyundai is the second largest domestic car maker, this year they are set to start their diesel engine in one of the car. They have started making trial runs which is also imported from South Korea in Chennai. I10 is their largest selling New Cars in India and it is expected that they may get a refurbishment but there is no official confirmation yet.

Last year people loved the concept of compact SUV and this year it seems compact SUV will continue to win hearts it is expected that Maruti Suzuki and Ford India as both of them are set to launch their mini SUV’s which will also be less than four meters in length.

Vehicles lesser than 4 meter enjoys lesser excise duty too when compared to the full-fledged SUV’s.

Maruti is also striving to launch there compact SUV named XA Alpha and is also schedule in 2013 or may be early 2014. Ford India is then almost set launch their EcoSport in this year only. Nissan India is also preparing itself to be in the market of compact SUV. Basically market of compact SUV is dominated by M&M Scorpio. They are also planning to launch Renault Duster inspired SUV, may be next year.

This year it seems automobile companies will be in much competitive spirit and they all are strived to gain last year’s loss. Fiat is also planning to introduce luxury SUV’s Grand Cherokee and Wrangler of its US subsidiary Chrysler. This year seems to be great for the automakers.

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