Smart Player in Basketball Life

Kobe Bean Bryant is an American professional basketball player. He plays in Los Angeles Lakers since 1996. Kobe is one of the greatest scorer in NBA. No one can go through him. He recorded 81 scores in one match. Besides his crazy technique, he also has outstanding organization skills. He often held the post of the team’s first attack promoters. Moreover he is one of the best defensive players in the team. His personal defense is very oppressive.

Kobe was born in Philadelphia and he is the youngest kids of the former Los Angeles Sparks head coach. He doesn’t have brothers. His parents named him after a kind of famous food. His daddy worked in Philadelphia 76er, San Diego Clippers and the Houston rockets. At the age of 6, his father left the NBA come to Italy to continue his NBA career. At that time Kobe adapted to the new lifestyle in there and knew the two kinds of languages. He began playing basketball when he was three years old. He liked the Lakers very much when he was young. His grandfather always gave him videos of NBA matches. He could research the competition video recording. In his young age, he also learned to play football and his favorite team is the AC Milan football club. He said that if he still stayed in Italy, he would be a professional soccer player. He is the big fan of former FC Barcelona manager and their former player. He admired Messi very much. In 1991 as the retirement of Kobe’s daddy they removed to the United State.

In high school Kobe was recognized by all Americans with his amazing achievements. As a new player, he could be the starter of the basketball team.

His father taught him when he was in the sophomore. In his first he was ordinary, he filled all 5 positions at the rest years of the high school. He led the team get 77 times winner. During the time in the Adidas training battalion, he got the title of the senior MVP prize. At that time he played with his afterward company Odom. In high school, the coach of 76ers invited him to train with the team. He played a single to single match with his teammate. In his senior year, he helped the school get their earliest state championship in 50 years. When his school career is over, he broke the southeastern Pennsylvania scoring record. Due to his fourth years’ achievements, he got many awards; involving the best player in Naismith, graduate’s best high school players and so on. His trainer said that he is a complete player with great control ability. He took singer Brandy to his senior party}. He got a great grade in his SAT exam and he can go to a best college. Yet, he chooses to enter the NBA to become a professional player. There are only six basketball athletes to do so. Since it is not common to enter NBA in this way so he got a lot of focus from the public. Kobe is looked as the best player in the basketball world, he spend his whole life on the NBA.

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