Were Biedrins And Gortat Overpaid In The Nba?

According to bleacherreport.com, 10 NBA players who were considered to be overpaid showed to us. Biedrins and Marcin Gortat are in the listed of the ten most overpaid players. Andres Biedrins plays in Golden State Warriors and his salary 2010-11 is $ 9,000,000. Marcin Gortat plays in Orlando Magic and takes the salary of $ 6,322,320 during 2010-11.

For Biedrins it is reported: With the signing of David Lee, the Golden State Warriors find themselves with two young big men. Although you can make an argument that Andres can play the power forward position instead of center, the Warriors are still waiting for him to become the player they thought he could be when they gave him good money. Last year Biedrins played in only 33 games averaging a measly five points per game. The Russian, who is known more for his spiky hair that resembles a Guido, is owed $ 36 million over the next four years.

And for Marcin Gortat it is: At 13.4 minutes a game last season; Gortan has become a cheerleader on the bench who comes off at the end of quarters to give Dwight Howard a rest. The free agent market for back-up centers is deep, allowing most teams to get them at a discount. The Magic fell in love with Gortat and angered many owners by giving Gortat 30 million in free agency. Gortat, who resembles Bruno on steroids, has a charismatic personality but lacks athleticism and uses his high energy to compete.

But I think that a couple of these guys aren’t bad contracts. I disagree with Biedrins and Gortat. Biedrins is not way overpaid at all. When he’s healthy, he’s extremely good. He’s a great finisher, rebounder, and blocks a lot of shots. If only he could make free throws, he’d be incredible. Redd, on the other hand, is getting twice his salary and is not going to contribute at all this year. Biedrins is a solid player. Just because his stats aren’t crazy doesn’t mean he is overpaid. And he plays center alongside Lee, not small forward which you wrote.

Marcin Gortat should also not be on this list. He is the best back-up center in the league and could start for a lot of teams in the NBA. If you did some research the Mavs signed him to this deal and the Magic matched it. So I’m pretty sure the only reasons owners may have been mad, which you wrote, is because they wanted to sign him themselves. Diop is making the same as Gortat and is at the end of the bench. Gortat is a serviceable big and just isn’t getting the playing time under Stan. Stan also refuses to play Brandon Bass who is very good.

What I should say is that the list is good except the two play mention above, and the rankings are not exactly right. Michael Redd should be number 1 in this ranking. At least the guys in front of him are useful in what they do. The guy is not even playing. At least Kirilenko is doing something. I think you are giving Redd some credit for how he played at the beginning of the contract. He wasn’t even that good back then though.

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