Fans Left Out Of Super Bowl, But Record Number Watch On Tv

Aside from the entertainment aspects of Sunday’s Super Bowl broadcast, there were several popular topics on Monday surrounding the people who watched the game.

Students who are accruing college credits in fields related to event planning, marketing or business were likely discussing the seating debacle at the game’s venue, Cowboys Stadium in Dallas. According to The Washington Post, approximately 1,200 temporary seats were were not in place in time for a fire marshal to approve them. Thus, 850 fans were moved to a different location and about 400 were not admitted into the stadium and seated in an area with TV monitors.

“Any time you’re putting on an event of this magnitude, you have your challenges,” NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell said during a press conference on Monday. “We’ve had them this week. We had an issue [Sunday] with several seats for our fans. It’s something that we have been taking very seriously, working at it. We apologize to those fans that were impacted by this.”

Students who are taking college courses in public relations took note of the NFL’s response. The league paid each of the 400 displaced fans triple the face value of their tickets and offered them seats to next year’s Super Bowl in Indianapolis.

Richard Dandomir of the New York Times criticized FOX for not adequately reporting about the ticket fiasco. Aside from a brief mention of the situation before the game, the network’s broadcasters and field reporters made no other comment regarding the displaced fans or the potential safety issues that weren’t addressed in time.
“The Steelers and the Packers were Foxs appropriate focus. But every time the network cut to shots of fans watching on a big screen outside the stadiumI expected FOXs lead announcer, Joe Buck, especially, to say something, or for some reporting to be done,” Dandomir reported.

Americans who did not have tickets to the big game have made news as well. According to Entertainment Weekly, Super Bowl XLV is the most-watched telecast in TV history, drawing 111 million viewers. Football’s title tilt has now broken viewership records four years in a row.

Bloomberg reports that the major-market TV rating for Sunday’s game was a 47.9, which ties Super Bowl XXI in 1987 as the NFL’s highest-rated telecast.

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