Top Pakistani Dramas Websites 2013

Top Pakistani Dramas Websites 2013

There are many women that are just taking extra interest in the television serials because they have nothing else to do in their life. So far there are many women that are found to be so extra crazy about the dramas that they even watch the episodes in the repeat telecast as well. They are always keen to know that what will going to happen up in the next episodes. Keeping this fact in mind there are many websites that have been all set up related with such prospects.

Yes you are absolutely right! In the below article we will going to highlight down some of the top Pakistani dramas websites 2013.

TOP PAKISTANI DRAMAS WEBSITES 2013:  This has been named as being one of the most famous and yet one of the well known leading dramas websites in Pakistan. This website has been all added in sharing with the serials of all the channels that are best known in the people. Apart from it this website will be even highlighting about all the upcoming new serails as well that will soon going to hit on your television screens. This is yet another one of the most famous and well known websites that is all flooded with the Pakistani dramas that are famous in the people. All the dramas that are being telecasted on all the entertainment channels are shared in this webpage. In addition you are even allowed to download the episode of your favorite drama as well that you has somehow missed out. On the next we have as being one of the most famous drama websites in Pakistan. On this website you will get the best chance to get closer with your favorite television drama in best of the best way. In addition you will even get the chance to give your personal opinions about the drama as well. You can download the episode of your favorite serial and can even watch it online as well. is yet another one of the most top leading wesbites related with the category of Pakistani dramas. This website has been fully loaded with the countless serails that are one of your favorite ones and some of them are old as well. You can even catch your old and all such serials as well that are finished out but still you wish to see them out again and again. On the last we have! This is one of the best visited websites by the Pakistani drama lovers. On this website you will be getting the best chance to know all about your favorite serial and can even catch the interviews of your favorite television celebrity. You are even allowed to catch the episodes live as well.

So here we have all ended up with the list of top Pakistani dramas websites 2013! For knowing about such type of websites you can freely get connected with the so that you can even get closer with some of such types of Pakistani dramas websites…


Construction Sector in India: 2013

Construction industry of India plays an essential role in the economic growth of the country as it is the second largest contributor to the GDP (9 per cent), after agriculture. Currently, incited by the boom in Indian real-estate sector, the growing construction sector in India is attracting a large number of global players. Adding to the growth are innovative construction technologies and sustainable building materials in the building-construction process.

Real-estate and Infrastructure:

The construction sector in India comprises of two segments: real estate and infrastructure.

While the real-estate sector comprises of residential (housing and development), industrial (industrial parks, factories and plants), corporate (offices and research centers) and commercial (malls, shops, showrooms and hotels); construction sector comprises of roads, railways, urban infrastructure (water supply, sanitation, schools, hospitals, universities and security), ports, airports and power.

Indian real-estate sector accounts for nearly 43 per cent of the construction spend.


With the consistent attention given to infrastructure development and the increasing demand of housing in the country, building-construction process is increasing. As a result, the construction sector in India is growing at a CAGR (Compounded Annual Growth Rate) of around 11.1 per cent since the last eight years.

The construction sector of India has strong linkages with various industries such as steel, cement, paints, chemicals, fittings, fixtures and tiles. While in the short term it serves as a demand-enhancer; in the long run, it contributes towards boosting the infrastructure capacity.

This is also evident from the fact that infrastructure construction accounts for the maximum share of 54.0 per cent of all construction and building activities. Industrial-expansion contributes to 36.0 per cent of overall construction activity, and residential and commercial 5.0 per cent each. As India goes aboard upon an accelerated drive for infrastructure formation, it becomes critical to enhance the capacity and capability of the construction sector.

Growth of the construction sector of India will give a boost to many other economic activities. It will stimulate substantial growth in the construction equipment industry as well as a host of other down-stream industries like steel, cement, paints, chemicals, fixtures and fittings, bricks and tiles, non-ferrous metals/ plastics/ glass, timber and wood-based products.


The Construction sector provides direct/indirect employment to about 35 million people and is expected to employ about 92 million persons by 2022. Accordingly, almost 50 million additional jobs may be created in Construction in the next 10 years.

Valentine’s Day Gift Ideas 2013

Valentine’s Day is the day to cherish love and share the intimate feelings of togetherness with your loved ones. Love is a beautiful word that brings life to a relation. There is a lot that happens around and across the cities while the day to celebrate love really nears you from the week ahead. The trend of rejoicing Valentine’s Day begins from 7th Feb to 14th Feb. The total week is celebrated with happy gestures from Rose Day (Feb 7), Propose Day (Feb 8), Chocolate Day (Feb 9) Teddy Day (Feb 10), Promise Day (Feb 11), Hug Day (Feb 12), Kiss Day ( Feb 13) to the most awaiting day to cherish and shower love on your loved ones,  the one and only Valentine’s Day( Feb 14).

Love is a relationship between two souls that connects hearts even in distant places. It creates a place for emotions and sharing bondage between two individuals. Valentines days has got its own charm among youngsters and college students. They want to celebrate the occasion in the most splendid way by gifting lovable gifts to their lovers. There are even few lovers who have distanced from their lovers due to professions and other personal reasons to abroad. For many such lovers who are away from their hometown and want to wish and gift their lovers in their true spirits, here a brilliant idea of gifting through online portals. Online gift portals have a treasure of gifts to shower your lover with the right kind of gesture you want to express and explore on the great occasion of Valentine’s Day.

You can send Valentine’s Day Flowers, a gift basket filled with cakes and Premium chocolates, Branded Wrist Watches, Freshly bakes cookies, Fancy Jewellery, Designer Apparels and many more as wonderful gifts on the lovely occasion of Valentine’s Day.

You can sit at any corner point of the world and send it to you lover in India. Giftagift is a online gifting portal that has special section for Valentine’s Day 2013 Gift Ideas   like: Designer cakes, Fresh Flowers, Heart Shape Cakes, Decorative Cakes, Fresh Flowers, Valentine Arrangements, Valentine’s Day Gifts, Gift Vochers, Couple Gifts, Gifts for Her, Apparels, Branded Perfumes, Handbags, Gifts for Him, Love gifts, Jewelry, Bangles & Bracelets, Earrings & Pendants, Valentine Chocolates & Teddy Bears, Soft Teddies, Homemade Chocolates, Techno Gifts, Valentine’s Day Hampers.

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You can be anywhere away from your lover. There are many ways to express love to them in the present day technology and communications systems. Be the first to surprise your lover with a heart winning gift of love, gestures and emotions.

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NHL: History of Minnesota Wild

The Minnesota Wild are a professional hockey team. They play in St. Paul, Minnesota in the Northwest Division of the Western Conference of the National Hockey League. The team has only been around since the year 200, but they have already managed to put their mark on the NHL in the short time that they have been a part of the league.


The team didn’t exactly start things off in amazing fashion. They lost their very first game and went on to lose 4 more to start off their franchise. Fortunately they managed to scoop up their first victory against the Lightning. They didn’t have a magical first season, but within a couple of years they were a threat to a lot of teams in the NHL.


The team managed to make the playoffs in the 2002-03 season. This was a huge surprise to many. The thing about the Wild is that they were not content with the simple fact that they made the playoffs. Instead they were determined to keep fighting their way through the playoffs. That season the team managed to continue to work through the playoffs until they landed in the Western Conference Finals. They met up with the Mighty Ducks and were to able to defeat them. The run did bring forth an attitude that the Wild can do anything.


The next season the team had playoff hopes, but they could not overcome the fact that two of their top players were holding out. Despite the poor start to the season the team came roaring back at the end of the season. They finished with a tremendous amount of strength and excitement, but they still fell short of the playoffs. Although they fell short of the playoffs many people were encouraged by the amount of heart that the team showed in fighting their way back after a difficult start to the season.

Unfortunately all of the hope and momentum that the team had gained was soon cut off by the NHL lockout.

The NHL experienced a lockout that almost killed the sport entirely. Many fans were slow to forgive and it looked as though the league might have been in trouble. The Wild lost their spark and finished in last place after returning from the lockout.


In 2007 the team changed their history. They played tough and managed to win their division for the first time in history. This marked the 2nd playoff appearance that the team had ever achieved. They were led by Marian Gaborik who scored 42 goals on the season.


For whatever reason, the team was not able to duplicate their success the next year. They fell from being one of the top teams in the league. They only managed to get 9th place in the entire conference with their star Marian Gaborik plagued by injuries. The team has had a history that shows that can bounce back from anything. Although 2009 was a disappointing season for the Wild, nobody will count them out from having a chance at making the playoffs again.

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Jewellery Trends of 2013

Fashion trends come and go. Just like how clothing trends and footwear trends change so do jewellery trends. Women love accessorizing with various types and styles of jewellery. Some trends that are emerging for jewellery in the year 2013 are as follows.

Trends of 2013

1. Victorian Antique Jewellery
The Victorian era has come back in full force in terms of jewellery. Inspiring many unique pieces such as necklaces and silver bracelets, Victorian jewellery has made a mark on the fashion industry by showing up on runways and fashion shows. These pieces of jewellery are often very ornate and large, with a great amount of detail. Engraving the pieces and setting semi-precious stones in them were a main focus of these pieces. Ornate silver rings are a style statement for the year 2013 too.

2.Geometric Designs
Geometric jewellery which was a big trend in the 90’s has come back with a bang. However, the design now varies, as sleek, ultra defined pieces have taken over the old designs. Many standout pieces are now making rounds in the fashion industry, making the geometric piece a prominent piece of a person’s outfit. Square shaped silver rings with geometric surfaces also are very trendy. One of the common geometric shapes that are used in these kinds of designs is triangular shapes and designs.

3.Neon Colors
Color blocking neon colors are also an upcoming trend in the year 2013. Earrings, neon silver bracelets, and chains are all making their way to the list of must have fashion accessories. Often coupled with bright beads or neon colored metals, these pieces will definitely make you stand out in the crowd.

Plastic chains and beads also are a must-have.

4.Rose Gold
Silver, yellow gold, and white gold are classics. These timeless metals are not only beautiful, but they add a classic finish to any outfit of your choice. However, another remerging trend for 2013 is rose gold, which is a pinkish-brown shade of gold. This adds a feminine touch to your overall look. Silver bracelets in this shade, earrings, necklaces, and Silver rings have all started to come back in vogue. Adding thin necklaces in this shade are also very chic.

Thick Silver bracelets or cuffs add a defining statement to your outfit. Streamline cuffs and chain linked bracelets are making rounds on fashion runways these days. Adding a thick bracelet to your outfit breaks the monotony of the overall look. Snake-themed bracelets are also in vogue.

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Fashion in trends in 2013

Longing to be that head turner this year at all parties and events you attend, with all eyes on you and not making an attempt to withdraw? For all those budding fashionistas out there, let me help you, then, with some trendsetters and wardrobe must-haves that are sure to take you closer to your goals.

Take a closer look at the top 5 fashion trends this year that will rock you at every gathering:

1 Bandage dresses by Herve Leger

When you speak of fashion in 2013, how can you miss out on the iconic bandage dresses by none other than Herve Leger? You do not need to stop there. You now have these super cool dresses in combos of both cool and vibrant shades. And the moment you add a well cut dark blazer and wear flats for a daylight event or tall heels for a night party, you are sure to cause some wide mouthed gapes and you alone are responsible, along with Herve Leger, of course!

2 Dresses by Victoria Beckham

The fashion line by Victoria Beckham is a definite must-have in your wardrobe. This year, the great designer has come up with a revolution in terms of a complete dress up. She has diversified from her sheath dresses and come up with lacy stuffs that sets the on lookers in that erotic mood. She sticks to her trademark, though, which is canvas-like fabric, chiffon, georgette, dresses without print, strong colors, cuts that are athletic. The new additions are blouses of soft silk, medium length skirts. This was adorned with skin fitting trousers that are high at the waist and a sharp crisp jacket.

Victoria’s dress in your wardrobe is sure to get you what you want!

3 Cartoon strikes

Your favorite characters are now back in vogue and it’s a style statement this year, to be wearing a mickey mouse right upon your shirt or dancing on your back! Display and flaunt your Donald duck and proudly so!

4 Bare Midriff

Shed the inhibitions and bare it all this year! So, hit the gym right now and make yourself all set to wear that daring top that sets you as the sexiest girl out on the street. If your are attending a party a bare midriff is sure to divert their attention from the wine glass to your hourglass!

5  Mixed Prints

We all know that one weird guy or girl who wears bizarre prints on his clothes just to attract attention. Some go to an extent of gaudy yellows and reds which mean absolutely nothing. Or bold prints which make you want to disappear inside the earth rather than looking at those illogical prints. But, not anymore. These are the new fashionistas! Abck in vogue are the mixed prints and people are trying it out again. It is a risk that has been tested by designers like ProenzaSchouler and Rodarte, and are sure to make us see more of those in the year coming up.



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No Urn For Ashes 2013!

Since 1882, the year when cricket “died” in England, the cricketing teams of Australia and England have fought matches against one another that were eventually to be named as The Ashes. 1882 was significant year for cricket followers; as in this year, on a tour of England, the Australian cricket team beat the best that England could muster by 7 runs. It was a bowler called Spofforth who took 14 wickets for 90 runs in the match, and bowled his last 11 overs for 2 runs and 4 wickets, who proved to be the destroyer for Australia. An astonished Oval crowd fell silent, struggling to believe that England could possibly have lost to a colony. It was here that the foundations were laid for a sporting event that captures the imagination of both countries, and will continue to do so with the Ashes 2013.

Following this humiliating defeat a mock obituary for English cricket was penned by Reginald Shirley Brooks, under the pseudonym “Bloobs”, and this appeared on 2nd September 1882 in The Sporting Times. It read:-

In Affectionate Remembrance
which died at the Oval
29th AUGUST 1882,
Deeply lamented by a large circle of sorrowing
friends and acquaintances


N.B.—The body will be cremated and the
ashes taken to Australia.

The urn is believed by some to be the trophy that England and Australia play for in the Ashes Series Test Matches. Unfortunately this is not so. The urn has never been formally adopted as such.

It is said that when England regained “the ashes of English cricket” during their tour to Australia of 1882/3, a group of Melbourne ladies presented the urn to the England captain, The Hon.

Ivo Bligh, after the teams win at the Sydney Cricket Ground. The urn is reputedly said to contain the burnt ashes of a bail following that success. However, a conflicting story states that the urn was presented to Bligh on Christmas Eve 1882 at Rupertswood Estate outside Melbourne, following one of the many social games that the England team undertook on that tour. It was to be regarded as a symbol of the ashes that he travelled to Australia to regain.

In any event, Bligh always considered the urn to be a personal gift, and it remained on the mantel of the family home in Rochester, Kent until his death. At his request, his widow bequeathed the urn to MCC, and it has remained in the MCC Museum at Lords to this day. Replicas of the urn are often held aloft by victorious teams as a symbol of their victory in an Ashes series, but the actual urn has never been presented or displayed as a trophy in this way.

In the 1990s it was recognised that the two teams wished to compete for an actual trophy, and following discussions between both cricket Boards, an urn-shaped Waterford Crystal trophy was made. This was first presented to Mark Taylor after his Australian side triumphed in the 1998-99 Test series against England. Since then, the trophy has been presented to the winning captain at the end of each Test series between Australia and England.

Keith Faunch wrote this article to remove the misconception that people hold about The Ashes Urn.