Top 10 Jobs in America 2013

Finding a job in America is not as easy as it seems. America is considered to be a land of opportunities but you have to be smart enough in spotting one otherwise they don’t come knocking at the doorsteps. America is the largest economy in the world. A large number of corporate giants are headquartered in the soils of America where job opportunities exist equally for local citizens as well as foreign immigrants. Top Jobs in America In our today’s publication we will highlight the 10 best jobs or top careers in America.

Chief Executive Officer (CEO) Chief Executive Officers enjoy getting paid the highest salary. For a majority of Fortune 500 companies the average compensation is around $ 10 Million per annum. That’s huge, CEO are core employees of any organization that give a direction to the business. Usually CEO is involved in the day to day operations of the company, managing day to day affairs of the company. There is no formal academic prerequisite to reside the position of CEO as a majority today are school dropouts.
Doctors Doctors and Surgeons are one of the most demanded workforces in any part of the world. The prestigious career has some lucrative job prospects in America although the Medical Profession is highly regulated. The doctors have a huge burden of social responsibilities but enjoy a very reasonable salary of around $ 120K to as high as $ 400K per annum.
Software Engineer Software Engineers enjoy good remuneration packages that range from around $ 54k – $ 120K per annum. With the maturity in IT infrastructure, there exists a steady demand for new software developers to cope up with the increasing demands for customized software and mobile phone applications.
Petroleum Engineer The demands for energy and fuel are steeping upwards. Petroleum Engineers help produce fuel and energy from crude resources. The average salary of a Petroleum Engineer ranges from $ 60K- $ 146K per annum. Overall it’s a demanding job but career prospects are bright in America.
Accountant and Auditor Whorush: 8 sites by this AdSense ID Accountants and Auditors are a demanded workforce throughout the world. In America Bookkeeping and Auditing is a legal requirement for a large number of traders and corporations. An Accountant or Auditor on average earns around $ 40K – $ 120K per annum. The thing to be admired about this profession is the least job volatility and bright career prospects.
Civil Engineer The ageing infrastructure of America badly needs renovation. Without the input of Civil Engineers the construction of roads, bridges, buildings and sewerage systems won’t be possible. The Civil Engineers are a much needed workforce whose earnings range from $ 48K-$ 116K per annum.
Management Consultant The Management Consultants utilize their strong analytical and planning skills to rescue large enterprises from operational inefficiencies. The prime responsibilities include the betterment of workflow, reducing defects and overall operational costs. The average salary for this particular job ranges from $ 50K – $ 170K per annum.
Financial Adviser Financial Advisers provide financial management consultancy to corporations and individuals helping them take investment decisions. A financial adviser on average earns around $ 50k- $ 210K annually.
Environmental Engineer Environmental Engineers help reduce the levels of pollution and energy consumption through promoting environment friendly activities. The average salary for this job ranges from $ 40k- $ 113K per annum.

Lawyer Lawyers assist individuals and corporations in their legal matters. Being a demanded workforce the average salary ranges from $ 40K-$ 190K per annum. Top 10 Jobs in America The list is based on a score of factors such as career growth rate, number of new vacancies, annual salary and job satisfaction levels. Best of luck with your job hunt and don’t forget to share your views and experiences.


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NBA Playoff Reviews April 25

The most surprising is the Los Angeles Lakers being tied with the New Orleans Hornets.  Chris Paul had a triple double as the Hornets won game four and tied the series at 2-2.  Many had predicted that the Lakers would sweep this series, but the Hornets have giving them quite a fight.  Even being smaller in the front court the Hornets have held their own in the paint and scrap for every rebound.  The Lakers look like they took control of this series easily winning game three and hoping to end it five at home.  Chris Paul by himself has changed that.  He has looked like the Chris Paul of a few years ago.  He hadn’t shown his explosiveness all season until this series.  He had one cross over last night that almost broke Kobe Bryant’s ankles.  The Lakers for all their talent and championship pedigree have no killer instinct. Now they have a dog fight on their hands and this series will go at least 6 games.  Each team has won a game on the opposition’s home court.  The Lakers still have the advantage and will be favored, but anything can happen now in a three game series.

Not so surprising.  The Memphis Grizzlies leading the San Antonio Spurs.  This isn’t so surprising since the Grizzlies practically tanked their final three games stay in the eighth spot and meet the Spurs.  They knew they had a match up advantage up front with Randolph and Marc Gasol and could hold their own in the back court.  Tim Duncan has had a tough time controlling either player.  Outside of him the Spurs had no other big men that can help.  With Ginobili banged up the Spurs are in deep trouble, if they can’t win game four tonight, this series for purposes maybe over.  The Spurs do have experience advantage and can only hope that the Grizzlies who are very young get tight.


Not so surprising.

The Dallas Mavericks tied with the Portland Trailblazers.  The Mavericks had a chance to go up 3-1 and take control of the series but choked away a twenty three point lead.  Blowing that kind of can lead mess with your head, but the Mavericks are at home.  The Trailblazers have the momentum and may start thinking they are a team of destiny.  The Mavericks desperately need to win tonight or they could be facing elimination on the road and even worse, if they lose this series, having the team busted up.  This has happened too many times in the last few years.


The Blowouts

Oklahoma City Thunder up 3-0 over the Denver Nuggets.  I thought this series might go at least six games but after almost stealing game one the Nuggets have gone backwards.  They are having a tough time scoring and that is due to the Thunder defense improving with each game.  The Thunder should close this out tonight.

Boston Celtics sweeping the New York Knicks.  The Celtics had two close wins at home giving the Knicks hope that they could even the series at home.  But without Billups who got injured in game one and Stoudemire’s back flared up the Knicks were done. Carmelo could not carry the load by himself. This would have been a great time for Shaq to break a sweat.

The Miami Heat leading the Philadelphia 76ers 3-1, the Heat had a chance to sweep the 76ers but the 76ers show some heart and grit and get to return to Miami.  Not a bad place to start the off season.

Atlanta Hawks leading the Orlando Magic 3-1.  This is somewhat surprising but Hawks have done a great job letting Howard score and staying on the rest of the Magic shooters.

Chicago Bulls leading the Indiana Pacers 3-1.  Derrick Rose is leading the way but he hasn’t gotten a lot of help from the supporting cast.  His spraining his ankle is the last game has to be of concern.  Might be a good idea to close this series out tonight so Rose’s ankle to heal.  It won’t be easy because the Pacers have played the Bulls tough and could be tied with a break or two.


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Railway Recruitment Invites Application In Technical Trades

Indian Railways provides efficient and affordable transport solutions. The railway department of India is totally focused for customer service and it gives the integrated transport services to the public. The Railway department depicts the growth of various sectors imparting a major role in all of them. Be it commerce, Industrial or tourism. The integrated team of employees is committed to make it the best and largest transportation system in the world. The Railway recruitment board recruits such a team, after an extensive series of written exams and interviews. The career with Indian railways is very secure and full of responsibilities. There are various zones in the Indian railways, roll out the vacancies in different departments every year.

Recently the Railway recruitment board has invited the applications from technical trades. The Indian Railway requires Civil, Mechanical and Electrical engineers along with the telecommunication specialists and few other professionals. These other professional requirements are comprise of the accounts department, personal management, protection and security i.e. Railway Police Forces. The Positions in Indian railways are broadly categorized in Group A, B, C and D. The Group A belongs to the Officers cadre, which are recruited by UPSC exams. Group D is the lowest ranked cadre.

For applying in the Group A, a candidate has to qualify the UPSC examination. The selection for Indian Railway Accounts Service and Indian Railway traffic services are the examinations of Civil Services.  The Engineering services exams are conducted by the Combined Engineering Services Examinations or the CESC.

The Special Class railway apprentice exam is conducted annually to fill more than 50% of the mechanical vacancies in Indian Railway. The Railway Recruitment board gets the huge response for SCRA exams and millions of applicants fill up this application form.  The employees of Group B are the promoted employees of Group C.

The Boards of Railway Recruitment conducts group C and Group D examinations.  There are total nineteen Railway Recruitment boards. These boards invite applications for various posts of C and D category every year.  The RRB also sets the minimum qualification benchmark for the different posts. Any Indian citizen, irrespective of any region or language, can apply for these positions of any zone.  These exams have the few sub sections like General Studies (including history, geography, politics, economy etc.), language, Mathematical operations with logic and reasoning questions. For many posts in D group, these all are not required, the selection board is more interested to know about the skill of the person, for which he has applied. There are few training centers also run by the Indian Railways in order to provide the sufficient training to selected group of candidates.

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Dating Recommendation:Deadline Junkie – No Time for Relationships

I need a relationship BUT…

When talking to singles there’s one theme that I often hear “I would really like to be in a relationship BUT I don’t have the time”. This is particularly prevalent for the 40 one thing age group. You’re attempting to create your careers, you have got a heap of pressure and dating and finding a relationship isn’t top of your list. Though you think it’s! Recently I asked a client to list her life goals in terms of priorities and relationships came 6th. She found this quite a revellation especially as I used to be working along with her as a relationship coach.

Old habits – last minute

Previous habits die hard. Most people are said with a final minute attitude. This orginated in our education system where external deadlines were what we have a tendency to were aiming at. Let’s face it in the most we tend to aren’t taught to set up our lives very effectively.

So we have a tendency to get used to back loading our tasks and activities. I have all this stuff to try and do and not much time so I don’t would like to think about this till the week before the deadline. Then the adrenaline kicks in and we tend to push ourselves to the finishing post usually accompanied by a lot of anxiety and stress. I have termed this sort of behaviour the ‘deadline junkie’. You know that it’d be higher to rearrange your life differently however somehow you’re caught during a treadmill.

Relationship Time – speed-dating/web dating/bar culture

How is that this translated into the dating scene? Well we tend to have all seen the ballooning of speed-dating, internet dating and the bar culture.

These ways in which of meeting potential dates and finding relationships has become part of the twenty first century culture because of peoples’ percieved lack of time. If you understand yourself as having very little time then you rummage around for the ‘fastest’ and most effective means of doing things.

Once all you meet a ton of people in an exceedingly terribly short amount of time. This manner of trying at dating and finding relationships is the ‘numbers game’ attitude. The a lot of individuals I meet the additional likely I am to meet somebody who is for me. Well I would love to dispel the parable, it’s not concerning numbers but primarily about quality and fit. How will you go about being additional effective find quality and fit in dating and relationships?

Making space and balance for relationships and dating

Creating area and balance in life feels like an old cliche. BUT by being additional professional-active in designing and taking steps to search out more qulaity time for ativities you’ll be additional probably to seek out quality relationships.

For per week compose hom a lot of time you pay on the subsequent activities: work,family/friends, dating activity (as well as all those hours on the web), health, home, personal development plus any other major activity. Currently think about the efficiency of those activities.

Research into relationships has shown that you are much additional possible to meet someone if you’re involved in an activity in that you each have a robust interest. This is not hanging regarding bars or speed-dating however something like off-road biking, photography, salsa dancy, volunteering etc. Whatever the activity that interests you, if at all doable something you are passionate regarding, then not solely can you be balancing your life BUT be putting yourself in an exceedingly state of affairs where you are a lot of possible to satisfy prospective quality dates.

Take the Time for Relationships

Therefore take a cool hard have a look at the balance of your life. I work with people on their relationships and help them to arrange their lives as successful singles whilst looking for a relationship. Being successfully single includes giving a potential relationship a absolutely rounded person not a 20 second response (this can be what it takes in speed-dating & net dating).

Any remember if you don’t have a lot of time then you wish to use what you’ve got as effectively and efficiently as doable up to now and realize the relationship. Remember if you fail to plan then you propose to fail.

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Best Smartphones for 2013

In the recent years, smartphone industry has revolutionized the way of communicating and interacting with the world. Things which require the use of computers can now be achieved with just a mere touch of a finger. Every day we comprehend news of latest technology embedded in a thinnest form factor of a smart phone. Past few years were very challenging for the many smartphones companies; each company was trying their best to outsell other. Things which seemed awkward like big screens are now in the latest trend and have become the status symbol for many people. The latest wave of smartphone is the beast in performance from every aspect. Some manufactures are targeting the price, some features and some are focusing on performance with no price barrier. Top smartphones of this year listed below.

Apple iPhone 5
iPhone 5 is among the most popular smartphones. The interface has been improved quite a lot; thanks to the iOS 6. The phone is significantly taller than its predecessors though the width is unchanged. Apple integrated their own maps in iOS 6. However; the device still lacks NFC support and wireless charging. The hardware has a massive upgrade; fast processors and graphics controller are the key features of iPhone 5.

Samsung Galaxy Note II
Samsung note ll latest addition to the note family. The smartphone is equipped with all the latest hardware components drive for best performance of the device. The most prominent thing in the device is the massive 5.5 inch eye-catching HD display. The cell is perfect for gaming and watching high definition without trading battery life as it packs a whooping 3200mah battery.

S-pen functionality is also upgraded with lots of cool new features, the drawing apps and handwriting options are introduced. With the latest software updates bring many cool new features which includes multitasking, hover touch and many more.

Samsung Galaxy S III
Samsung Galaxy Slll is the most popular smartphone of Samsung. The device is very identical to note and possess almost all the features of note 2 such as multi window and many others. It packs the quad core processor and removable long life battery. One advantage of S3 is that it can be easily held in hand without giving a sense of over-sized device. The camera performance is also brilliant.

HTC One is the latest addition into the 1080p family. The device possesses brilliant full HD display supported by quad core processor. The phone does not support expandable memory but it comes in two variants 16/32 GB. The interface is rich thanks to HTC sense 5.0. The build quality is very impressive and mainly comprises of aluminum body.

LG’s Google Nexus 4
The latest Google nexus 4 Smartphones had been honored by LG .The device has become very popular since its launch and the demand is still escalating. This device attracts the people who like android in its raw form. The benefit of having Google Nexus is that it is compatible with every application in the Google play and all the OS updates first arrive on Nexus. Hardware specs are of top notch and the camera has acquired new interface. The device is available in two versions 16/32 GB but the card slot is not present.

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