Beating Deadlines in Wedding Preparations

Managing and organizing an event is a delightful yet challenging experience because one’s leadership capabilities and artistic skills are put to the test and not to mention the stress that go with it. Unlike wedding events in the past which were held in a simple and less elaborate way, wedding celebrations today have become status symbol used to measure the financial status of the couples to be wed and as well as the families of both parties. Be it simple or grand, weddings need meticulous planning and preparation that run as short as a week’s notice to as long as six months and even a year. With shorter preparation time, more careful planning with the aid of a number of individuals working as a group is needed.

You are headed towards a monumental task if you are tasked to coordinate a wedding event. How are you going to go about the plans? Come up with a list of the major aspects where you think you will be spending the most, the reception and food, photography and video coverage, party favors, wedding gowns and floral arrangement and design. Categorize it and break it down so that you will know how many people needs to be assigned in one responsibility area such that the most complicated area gets the most of the manpower and budget.

Setting your goals will surely guide you to account developments and achievements and other tasks that need to be accomplished at a given time. By doing this, achieved goals or tasks already done can be deleted from the to-do list thus allow you to focus and appropriate your time and attention to objectives and errands on hand.

Delegating the tasks to other people will make sure that the job wll get done in time.

Moreover, delegation of work gets the work done simultaneously with other activities thus saves you time. Having someone take in charge of the floral arrangement and décor while another for the wedding venue and wedding favors, for example, lets you save time, effort and manpower as multi-tasking allows one staff to perform several expected tasks without having to overlap with somebody else’s job description.

Meetings and pep talks should be scheduled regularly so that each member can update the status of their key responsibility area and everybody as well, will be updated of the status of the preparation as a whole. Moreover, meeting is also a time to remind each other of the deadline that they are beating. Because wedding preparations have become tedious and stressful not just to the bride but also to the whole family, event specialists, whose tasks are primarily to make everything convenient for the bride and groom to-be and also for their families will answer your needs down to the least and to the last.

The bride only needs to think about and need to do on your wedding day is to look and feel beautiful for the man of your life. The groom should let their bride feel that she is the most important woman in your life and marrying her is the most wonderful thing ever happened to you.

You do not need to worry on the big day because every guest will cherish the event through personalized wedding favors that remind them of your vow. Make your wedding memories last long through unique wedding favors that will symbolize the love that each of you have for each other.

Performance Issues – Missed Deadlines

Anyone can miss a deadline, it’s happened to us all but when you have a team member who consistently misses deadlines, you have a problem that you need to address. Be sure that the team member has the same understanding of their deadline as you before taking action; a work assignment and deadline for the assignment constitute a contract between you and your team member and the contract must be agreed upon. The deadline must be clearly stated and the team member must agree that they can and will meet it. It’s time for action if you’ve clearly stated the deadlines and your team member has agreed to meet them.
The first question to ask is: is my team member capable of meeting the timelines you’ve given them? The answer to this question will guide your actions. One way of measuring your team member’s ability to meet the deadline is to have a consultant, either on the team or external to it, assess the work package to determine the effort necessary to complete it. An estimate of the effort required will allow you to determine whether the duration allowed was reasonable. Be sure the consultant has all the information they need, both about the work and about the resource assigned to it. You’ll get different estimates for junior, intermediate, and senior resources.
If the time you’ve allowed your resource to do the work is less than reasonable, you may need to re-visit all your estimates. At the least, you’ll need to re-visit all the estimates for that resource. If the resource is identified as a senior performer and performance indicates a more junior one, you may need to consider training for the resource to improve their performance. The training might be formal such as courses, or informal such mentoring or coaching.

Remember that when a senior resource is engaged in mentoring a more junior one, their productivity will be severely impaired so make allowances. Consider replacing the resource with a senior resource if that’s possible. At the very least, you’ll need to move this resource from the critical path or partner them with a senior resource capable of meeting the deadlines and mentoring your poor performer. If you were told a contract resource performed at a senior level and they actually perform at an intermediate or junior level, you have a problem with your source which should be addressed. Remember that your goal is to be influential and achieving this goal has a down side: no-one wants to disappoint you so they may agree to an unreasonably short deadline.
You may be dealing with a lack of experience in a particular skill set, that is the team member may be a senior programmer but have very little experience in data query languages. Your project should have provisions for training and now may be the time to utilize them. It’s always better to have training occur before the skill is actually required, but if the need for training is only discovered when it’s needed, and the team member is otherwise a valuable asset, you may be left with no other choice than to provide the needed training. Consider replacing the resource with one with the required skill set if tight timelines don’t permit training time. Consider going back to the source for a contractor, and demand that they replace the resource with one having the required skills (providing you identified the required skill in the first place).
The extreme case is where you’re dealing with a resource with all the skills and experience required to meet your deadlines, but is either too lazy to meet them or is actively trying to sabotage your project! Observe the behavior of the team member. Are they spending an unreasonable amount of time socializing? Are they constantly visiting other members of the team (or other teams) and chatting with them? Have you received complaints from other team members that your problem child is constantly pestering them and interrupting their work? If you encounter any of these symptoms, it’s time for a one-on-one meeting with the resource. Once again, you need to tread carefully here. Consult your Human Resources organization’s policies, guidelines, and standards; you may even want to ask for help from an HR representative. Take the team member aside and clearly articulate the impact of the missed deadlines on the project. Be polite but firm. You’re not asking to engage in a debate here, the conversation should be one sided, you talking and the poor performer listening. Now move on to the behavior you’ve observed and relate the behavior to the missed deadlines (e.g. “I’ve observed you over the past few days and you’ve spent at least 20% of your time chatting with other team members. I believe that’s the reason for the missed deadlines”).
Outline how the team member is to improve their performance next. The outline should emphasize the importance of meeting deadlines. You are much less concerned with behavior than results. You’ll need to address the behavior where you have received complaints from other team members or from people external to the team. Be clear that the behavior change must succeed in eliminating future complaints without identifying those who complained. Identify the next work package (or the one the poor performer is currently working on) as the pilot. They need to succeed at delivering that package on time, or identify any impediments that would prevent them from meeting their deadline. Ensure that the team member agrees to the actions you identify and schedule a follow up to ensure their corrective action is on track. Lastly, you should record this meeting so that the poor performance and the agreed upon corrective actions are documented.
Not all poor performers are interested in improving their performance. Where you are dealing with a team member with a hidden agenda, or someone who simply cannot take direction, escalate the problem to your project’s sponsors and let them help you deal with the problem. It’s always a good idea to identify what you’d like to see them do before escalating. Do you want the resource replaced with a better one? Have you identified the resource you’d like to add to the team? Can the sponsor succeed in affecting a performance/attitude improvement where you’ve failed? You should also be prepared to articulate the risk to the project if this resource is allowed to continue sabotaging the project. The ultimate tool in the Human Resource management tool kit is firing. This should only be used as a last resort and, if you are dealing with a permanent employee, you’ll need to engage the Human Resources department. Only when the HR department approve of a firing will you be allowed to go ahead with this. Usually, HR departments have a strict set of criteria for firing an employee and you’ll need to meet those criteria. The exception to this rule is when you’re dealing with a contract resource. Your agreement with the personnel agency should provide you with the authority to dismiss the resource if their performance doesn’t meet requirements.

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Taking Ambiguity Out of Deadlines

How many times have you been confronted with an urgent project that needs to be completed “ASAP”? (Whether you’re working for yourself or working for a boss!) Or it may be something else in your life when someone has asked you to do it “today”.

How do we define “today” and “ASAP”?  What is your concept of time compared to the other person who is putting in the request?

Unless clarification is made on the deadline itself, stress is the ultimate outcome.

Let’s take the example of Mary.  Mary was called into her manager’s office at 3pm and asked if she could urgently put together a PowerPoint presentation for a last minute meeting with the Board of Executives.  Her boss outlined what he wanted and at the end of the conversation he stated he needed it ASAP.

Mary’s definition of ASAP was straight away, so she galvanised into action and immediately started re-organising her workload to accommodate her manager’s request.  Given it was 3pm and she needed to get it completed that day, Mary rang a client and cancelled their 4pm meeting; re-booking into her already tight schedule for the next day.  At this point, Mary is starting to feel the pressure.  She has a dinner date with a friend at 6.30pm and she knows she won’t make it.  So she calls the friend she hasn’t seen in two years and cancels.  This makes her feel a little cross.  Next, she re-organises her workload for that afternoon and, with regret, realises it will have to be done the next day; meaning she will have to work at least 3 hours overtime tomorrow.

Mary’s shift in concentration has changed. So instead of taking the usual four hours to put together the presentation, it has taken Mary a good six hours.  But on completion she feels satisfied that she did it ASAP and the presentation is delivered to her boss at 8am the next morning.

When Mary delivers the presentation to her boss he is amazed at how quickly she got it done.  “My goodness, Mary, I didn’t mean I needed it by 8am this morning – the meeting isn’t for another two days”.

If Mary had asked and clarified the deadline, the stress and re-organisation would not have happened and she would have kept that dinner date with her friend.

So how do we clarify and take the ambiguity out of the conversation or request? We need to get the other person’s perspective on what the deadline really is and take action by asking.

For example, when Mary’s boss said he needed it ASAP, Mary could have responded by asking “By what time and day do you need it?”  Her boss may have said by 5pm tomorrow – giving Mary the extra time she needed.

However, you can take it even one step further by reframing your question and clarifying even more.  For instance, Mary’s boss stated he needed it for a meeting which had cropped up.  Mary could have asked when that meeting was, and her boss would have stated that the meeting wasn’t until 5pm in two days time.  To which Mary could have suggested that she deliver the presentation by lunchtime on that same day.

This would have given Mary the opportunity of juggling her workload in an appropriate timeframe and reducing her stress levels.  At the end of the day, everyone is happy because the “true” deadline was met.

When you take away ambiguity, ask and clarify, you can alleviate your stress levels and define the other person’s sense of urgency.  This also makes for a more harmonious working environment.

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Beware of Deadlines of Your Term Papers

Term papers are inevitable for students;they can not escape from them as they are a fundamental component of today’s academics. You have to admit this fact as there isn’t any way out of this compulsion.It is better to accept their existence and in spite of running,try to understand their real essence and meaning.Since term paper writing involves active participation from the students,students become capable to discover more than what they learn in the class.So,students must be considerate about term paper writing and try to avail the possible advantages by this opportunity.Sometimes your instructor assigns you a topic while sometimes students have a choice to select a theme that they think they can better handle.Try not to select a general or a wide topic because it has always been a hurdle to sum up a topic into a specific sort of theme or establish a focused line of action,it also won’t give you the scope to examine an issue in detail.Always try to have a topic that has only one issue or aspect to discuss because it would give your research uniformity and not distract you and your reader to deviate from a specific defined path.Students usually delay their tasks and specially writing assignment because it is the most time taking and daunting job that they deal throughout their academic career.Don’t ever think that you have sufficient time left because later you would have rush over the assignment.Doing your assignment before the deadline comes always provide you a magnificent and positive opportunity to read and revise your paper in order to identify and correct any ambiguities.This act can also devote you more time to research and study,this will result in powerful and successful term papers.

Don’t ever think that the main purpose of research is to collect plenty of data for your assignments;the key motive of research is to learn many things at the same time.Extracting relevant data can not be taken as an accomplishment but the extraction of knowledge can be said as the real essence of this task.Listing information is never required for research,research means to assess that facts and formulate a new opinion using your own conceptions and perception about the issue.Never take any short cuts for achieving the goal,research should be done in step by step methods and gradually you would be able to find the answer of your research question.It is a kind of personal interpretation of facts that needs total devotion and complete acquaintance of the research theme.As it is an agreed thing that research is a time taking and extensive process that acutely demands patience and consistency so,it is better to value your time and without being hesitant and chaotic,execute your research and successfully submit your term papers.Research is an interesting activity that can only remain interesting if you have a peaceful and passive mind that will help you to concentrate on the examining issue and attain the defined goals.

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Tax Preparation Outsourcing Helps Meet Deadlines

Tax preparation is the details that are provided by a person or a business to an administration body stating all responsibilities for taxation. Everybody wishes to have their taxes paid in due course and become liberated of the tax responsibility as quickly as it can be done. Accounting agencies as well as CPAs are able to embark on tax preparation outsourcing for meeting the intense hurry from clients throughout the tax paying period. On not having your tax returns ready in time, the entire procedure of tax paying is able to get truly complex and you are able to finish up losing your sleep over it.

Outsourcing implies the taking of business or additional procedure of a corporation to an external agency. Many procedures including accounting, tax return preparation, bookkeeping is being effectively outsourced to a lot of outsourcing businesses. Tax preparation outsourcing has a lot of benefits and an increasing number of accounting agencies as well as CPAs are more and more taking on the procedure. The procedure lets accounting agencies to meet consumer demand and make revenue for their firm.

The foremost advantage of outsourcing is that you can meet enormous consumer demand while not having to add any fresh staff and moreover while not having to make any fresh monetary investment. Tax preparation outsourcing enables an accounting agency employ the services of off-shore tax return determining experts. The majority of the outsourcing job is carried out by experts of the third world nations. These nations are having massive manpower and they are moreover very much qualified. As a result, you obtain experts having the best ability of doing the job for you and meet customer demands as well as deadlines.

On undertaking tax preparation outsourcing for your agency, you would not require spending a single additional dime.

This is achievable simply for the reason that the outsourcing job is carried out in nations having much lower monetary value than USD. This implies that the cash that you give for your outsourcing job is a great deal lower to what you would be requiring for giving a worker of the US. Moreover you are not required spending additional for insurance as well as further worker benefits.

It is not so easy to come across a first-class outsourcing business that would be doing tax preparation outsourcing for you. Undoubtedly there is abundance of agencies that offer outsourcing’s service to customers, but you require to exploring much to come across the most excellent outsourcing business to do the job for your firm. The business has to be entirely competent to do all kinds of accounting as well as tax return outsourcing job for you.

The single thing that you have got to ensure in a company offering tax preparation outsourcing is the safety features that they are having in place. In this age of the internet online safety is of fundamental significance to everybody. Growing online scam as well as identity stealing has made people doubtful about revealing their private information in addition to monetary statistics online. You go to see whether the safety measures of the outsourcing corporation are sufficiently stringent to defend your purchaser identity as well as data. Only on being contented with all of the services offered should you proceed and employ their services. There is no shortage of corporations offering tax preparation outsourcing and so you must never reconcile for the next best option. is a #1 selling tax outsourcing preparation firm for American CPAs. It provides the highest level of Accounting and Tax Preparation expertise and access to the latest technologies.

Medical transcription services maintain deadlines

What is medical transcription?

Medical transcription is the process of converting the spoken word of a physician into a text format. It is also known as MT and is an allied health profession. These spoken words are usually the recorded reports of the physicians. A medical transcriptionist converts the most recent and confidential information of the patient into text format.

MT process:

When a patient meets a doctor and explains him about his ailments, etc, the doctor records the detailed case history in a cassette or a voice recorder for easy remembrance. This recorded report is then used by the transcriptionist who transcribes the spoken word in the written document which can be used as the patient’s chart when he visits the doctor again.

Medical transcriptionist:

A medical transcriptionist is a person who is employed in the profession of MT. he or she may be employed by the hospital for the rendering of the services. These medical transcriptionists can also work from home as hospital employees through electronic communication.

The patient information is usually stored electronically.

Medical transcription service companies:

MT service companies usually outsource medical transcriptionist to the hospitals.  These companies provide video and audio transcription services. The skills that these companies look for in people to be hired as MTs are:

Know-how of medical terms
Knowledge of records maintenance
Ability to verify and check numbers
Adept at eye-hand coordination
Skilled in following verbal and written instructions

Medical Transcription services available for:

There are a variety of fields in medicine where MT services are required.

Some require them on a very large scale and some do not. But today MT services have become very prevalent. The various fields are:
Orthopedic transcriptions
Cardiology transcriptions and reports
Oncology centers
Radiology reports

Medical transcription services are provided to:

Hospitals, practicing doctors, individual doctors and physicians usually avail transcription services. MT service companies usually provide services at very effective and competitive rates in a specified time. Medical transcription services are available in all the fields like gynecology, surgery, psychology, neurology and dermatology.

Due to the advancement of technology, MT services are undergoing a change. This is because till now there were not many rules regarding the work of MTs.

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Super Bowl Can Koozies Sure To Be A Success

The NFL Super Bowl is rapidly approaching, and this of course means that football fans all around are beginning to prepare their Super Bowl get-togethers. The great thing about these celebrations is actually most people are there to eat, drink as well as have some fun watching football. Should you be organizing one of these gatherings or even if you are going to be at one and wish to bring a party favor we have some ideas for you.

Obviously no perfect Super-Bowl party would be complete without pizza, buffalo chicken wings, chips, dip along with a scrumptious buffet style sandwich assortment. Additionally it is believed you will have a good amount of cold beer and cold soda. If you are the host, you also ought to think about decorations and all the dinnerware as well as paper products. There will certainly also have to be lots of deserts such as a decorative sheet cake, cookies, candies as well as other sweets.

We certainly have a suggestion for a little something you possibly can give your friends and relatives as a party favor that they will completely love and also put it to use again and again. You can also begin this as a tradition as the Super Bowl party host. These items are called party koozies, which are essentially foam insulators which you place your can of beer or even soft drinks in to keep them cooled. Should you be serving bottled refreshments you can also buy bottled koozies.

There are various methods for you to personalize your party koozies. The very first possibility is to order your favorite colors, include the year, the Super Bowl number and also the date on them by using the front and rear sides. You may also want to order the beer huggers and only have them printed on the front, together with the year, date, play off number as well as year and perhaps the host name. You can then if you want, decorate them with each and every party guests name, by going to the local crafts store and buying decorative items and gluing them on, or you can draw on them.

The football party will be complete plus a hit so long as you have the right ingredients of good friends, good food, good drinks and Super Bowl koozies which keeps your refreshments cool!

Begin by submitting your art and purchase your Super Bowl koozies right away.

Medical transcription companies maintain deadlines

There is an increase in the demand for maintaining accurate patient’s files; therefore the number of medical transcription companies that offer reliable and cost-effective medical transcription services has also increased drastically. These medical transcription companies are of great use as these companies can help you right from the time the dictation capture is done up to the proper document distribution.

Hiring the support of the Medical transcription companies helps you a great deal as these company deals with providing you the digitalized documentation with zero errors that is they provide you with the accurate results. There are other benefits such as saving the money that you have to spend on the daily transcribing needs. You can even eliminate the overhead expenses such as paying for the extra labor that you would have to pay for if you started with an in-house medical transcription. There are various other factors such as your time consumption reduces and you can focus more on the key elements that you are required to deliver as a healthcare organization-efficiency in patients care.

Most of the Medical transcription companies are known to deliver their work that is superior in quality as well as accurate. You can know of these companies by removing an overview of their background form the market itself. This helps in enhancing your reputation as a health-care institute because if you rely on these medical transcription companies and they fail to support you then you can be in a mess whereas if you have good support from them then automatically your image gets enhanced.

The Medical transcription companies have a team that is specialized in all sorts of these works therefore if you are able to hire a good team then automatically you can be sure of getting a good work done that is of higher quality and therefore be sure of providing your patients what they require from you as well.

The expert team that is there with these medical transcription companies are well-versed with the latest technology and soft ware’s and they are even familiar with the medical terminologies.

There are many reliable and cost-effective medical transcription companies that undertake the transcription of various medical reports and give accurate data. They provide reports that are related to operation, cardiology or a patient’s discharge summary is also prepared by them. History of the patient and their physical examination reports, medical evaluations and other reports are provided by the companies.

There are other services as well that is provided by the Medical transcription companies that are:

99% accuracy of the reports.
There are 3 levels of quality assurance.
They have an automatic electronic report distribution.
24 X 7 customer service is provided.
There is confidentiality of data.

These are just some of the services that are offered by the company. It becomes very tough for a healthcare institute to select on a Medical transcription companies but the best way is to see the years of experience that they have.

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Nba Throwback Jersey History

nba jerseys usually are must-haves for ballers, hip-hop designers, plus fashion-savvy sports enthusiasts just about everywhere. For the hottest throwbacks, there’s only one destination to go. Inside Hoops provides you the interior scoop in the top throwbacks for the ’05-’06 NBA season.
On November 1, 1991, Mitch Richmond was exchanged by Golden State Warriors to the Sacramento Kings. Richmond, the 1988 Rookie of the season, displayed the Kings on the Western All Star group six sequential occasions. Following the 1998 season the Kings sent Richmond towards the Washington Bullets for Chris Webber. Richmond completed his career in 2002 by profiting his merely NBA subject while using Los Angeles Lakers. During Sacramento, Richmond averaged 23.3 points in etching his title as one of the games best gamers.
In 1975, Kareem Abdul-Jabbar was got by the Los Angeles Lakers. Abdul-Jabbar, a collegial star at UCLA, wasn’t any stranger to the much talked about area of Los Angeles. Despite the steady MVP play of Abdul-Jabbar the Lakers struggled to get back to the Finals right up until they drafted Earvin Johnson in 1979. Johnson teamed up with Abdul-Jabbar to create the Lakers a reliable challenger. During the 1979-1980 season Abdul-Jabbar won his 6th and last league MVP Award because he recorded an average of 24.8 ppg and 10.8 rpg. The Lakers attained the Finals were they beaten the Philadelphia 76ers in 6 matches.
In 1986, the Cleveland Cavaliers acquired Mark Price in a draft day do business with the Dallas Mavericks. Price, who was a small point guard out of Georgia Tech, defied the cynical banter of the critics who didnt trust his power to play competitively at the activitys greatest degree. During his vocation, Price was venerable as one of the groups top astute photographers while he advancing the Cavaliers bad attack. Prices persistence was shown within the career 90 percent regular from the free throw line.
Put on the 1990-1991 Washington Bullets #30 of the great Bernard King, in whose NBA reversion jersey has been put on for many years by a great deal of supporters that enjoy great style and excellent throwbacks.
Kobe Bryant broke to the NBA in 1996 as a youngster fresh out of senior high school. It was during Bryants rookie season that the NBA celebrated its 50th Anniversary. The league named its leading fifty players at that time since the young Bryant started to realize himself to the potential of the NBA. As yet, Kobe Bryant has led the Lakers to 3 NBA games and has started a fresh time within the story of the NBA.
The 1985-1986 Boston Celtics finished the season atop the Eastern Conferences Atlantic Division. The Celtics tallied an outstanding 67 win period, losing only one normal period activity to the parquet floor of the Boston Garden. The Celtics have been led by your excellent Larry Bird, who received his third specifically MVP honor. The Celtics impressive and intimidating play was recognized greatly through Kevin McHale and Robert Parrish, each of whom effectively paralytic their competitors on sides of legal court. On the road to the NBA Finals the Celtics barrelled over the Eastern Conference 2009-2010 season, losing just one game. The Celtics acquired their sixteenth NBA subject once they beat the Houston Rockets in the NBA Finals. Bird’s NBA reversion jerseys are as mythical as his game.
As the man that come to more three-pointers than any player within the history of the NBA and one of basketball’s greatest clutch performers, Reggie Miller was the heart and soul of the Indiana Pacers. He at the time contributed them towards the NBA Finals, and his NBA throwback jersey is really trendy.
Shaquille ONeal is your games most dominating player since his appearance in 1992. Orlando was officially put on the basketball map as ONeil shined within the Miracles spot light. Throughout his first year season, ONeil received Rookie of the Year honors by averaging 23.4 ppg and 13.9 rpg. Within just his next year in the group, the 22-year old ONeil led the Magic to the NBA Finals where they missing to the Houston Rockets.
1994-1995 Seattle SuperSonics kelly green nylon distinctive mesh road reversion jersey #40 of Shawn Kemp, who was a dunking maniac, and his look can be one of the hottest NBA throwback jerseys all over.
The South African made Steve Nash entered the NBA in 1996 as the Phoenix Suns number 1 set up pick. After working two periods with the Suns, Nash was exchanged for the Dallas Mavericks. Throughout his time in Dallas, Nash resulted in one of the leagues major guards. In 2004, Nash went back to Phoenix where he helped improve the Suns in to one of the top clubs within the Western Conference. Nashs unpleasant brilliance made it easier for get him MVP honors during the 2004-2005 season.
When leading the UNLV Runnin Rebels for a National title, Larry Johnson made his entrance in to the NBA in 1991. Decided by the then Charlotte Hornets inside the first circular, Johnson immediately became a power inside the league. Johnson received NBA Rookie of the Year awards. In just his 2nd period with the Hornets, Johnson taken the Hornets to the initial playoff look in the history of their business.
In 1979, right after leading Michigan State to the NCAA subject, Magic Johnson was selected by the Los Angeles Lakers. Johnsons enchanting model of play assisted propel the Lakers to 5 NBA Championships through his job. In his first year time of year, Johnson joined with Kareem Abdul-Jabbar to steer the Lakers for the NBA Finals resistant to the Philadelphia 76ers. Johnson revealed to his variety on the hard wood when Abdul-Jabbar was wounded in Game 5 of the Finals. With a massive emptiness remaining by group MVP Abdul-Jabbar, Johnson stepped up along with played the middle position. Johnson stole the show as he led the Lakers to the NBA brand when being called the Finals MVP. You’ll need one of his NBA reversion jerseys on your back.

Seattle Seahawks in the Super Bowl in 2009

Washington residents are proud of their Western Division NFL team – the Seattle Seahawks. While they are a phenomenal team, they are most well known for the entrances, onto the field, during home games. Every home game opens with the entertainment of the team being led onto the field by an Aqur Hawk by the name of Tania.

The Seattle Seahawks have accomplished something that no other NFL team has; they have played in both the NFC and AFC leagues, and have won titles in both. This is one fact all football fans know, and that Seahawk fans are proud to stand by. Seahawk fans are not only proud of their team’s accomplishments in multiple leagues, but of their skill their abilities on the field. Even with a disappointing 4-12 record in 2008, the Seahawks and their fans, look forward to an exceptional season in 2009.

In earlier years, 1972, the Nordstrom family, along with others, were looking into a new NFL franchise, specifically on the West coast. This new franchise would be housed in Seattle, WA and would later be owned by Seattle Professional Football, Inc (in 1974). Finally, two years later in 1976, the Seattle Seahawks stormed the field for the first time ever. This was a proud moment for, not only many investors, but fans too.

Kingdome stadium was the home of many great accomplishments, and is where the fans stood their ground! Seahawk fans were, and still are, known to be the loudest fans in the entire NFL. In fact, during the early years, the New York Giants were forced into 11-false starts, in a single game, all caused by the noise from the stands.

This was the start of a loyal relationship between fan and team. To this day, the Seahawks recognize fans loyalty, and do what they can to involve the fans, and recognize them for standing by their sides.

Many events have taken place around the fans – in their honor the Seahawks would say.

One of the most fascinating tributes, by the team to the fans, was the retirement of the number 12. After retirement, jerseys were printed, with the number 12 on them, along with the word Fan (in place of a player name). This number was retired specifically for the fans, and is still recognized as ceremonial at home games.

In 1988, the Seahawks played in Super Bowl XL, but were unable to win the ring. Since then, the team has brought home many wins. In fact, there have been many title wins since then as well. The Seahawks brought home NFC titles from four years in a row, starting in 2004.

With such a build up to a Super Bowl win, there should be no surprise when the Seahawks bring home that title in 2009. They have had many years to practice, have brought in a new coach for the new season, and plan to wipe the field with every team they play!

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