How Not to Miss That Online Deadline and Upset Someone Working With You Online

Not many people are entertained who are late even if that is being late for a football match or a meeting. We have to learn to become more responsible and more importantly, understand our responsibilities. One is judged by how punctual he or she is. It also reflects a lot on ones upbringing and one can adopt many methods to be punctual if one desires.

Some ways by which one will never be late and will always succeed in meeting a deadline and discussed below.

You should make the deadlines extremely clear to you client as soon as you are involving him with any project. Sometimes it so happens that the client misinterprets what you say hence deadlines are not met. This has to be made clear right in the beginning in any manner that you choose. You could sign a contract with your client as well. This results in proper work in an organization. Due to this the client also becomes more responsible and produces more results.

One thing which shows how inefficient a person can be is a person making false promises. You can fool somebody once, twice, thrice but not all the time. Once your true colors are revealed nobody will trust you. Be honest and if you can do it then say it otherwise don’t say it. Many people let others down just by false commitments. Once a promise is made one works to fulfill it resulting in self satisfaction and a high delivery rate as well.

Do something that will constantly remind you that you have made a promise and you have to fulfill it. You could set a reminder in your mobile or write in on a strip of paper and stick it on your desk. This will remind you after every minute that you have to meet a deadline and you will never fail.

The rate at which you can work can be determined by no one else but you.

Suppose you have to complete 50 articles in a week, you will be able to judge how to divide them equally so you have time for other errands as well. You must learn to give important things importance first. That is what will mold your character and get you a high reputation. If you have some other work tomorrow then try and finish tomorrow’s work today. This is the key to success and is known as time management which is essential for a healthy and growing job.

Times during which an emergency can arise have to be foreseen from before and a separate slot of time should be free for you. This has to be made by you and it is only you who can be the best judge of this. Never make excuses where work is concerned and you will excel in what you do.

For a person who knows what time management is about, meeting deadlines is like a piece of cake for him or her. Take on only so much work that you can complete. Once you master this, you will never have any work pressure on you.

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The Soccer Balls

A football is undoubtedly an inflated ball played one of many various sports called football. The 1st balls are made from natural materials, including an inflated pig bladder, sometimes in the leather cover. Modern balls are manufactured by categories of engineers to exacting specifications, with rubber or plastic bladders, and frequently with Plastic-type material covers.



  soccer balls would be the world and its most popular sport along with the football is the central machine used amongst people. Despite the fact that color and fashions externally a football might be different, the contour, size, and weight in the ball are common based on international rules. The ball must be spherical along with the circumference is truly a more 28 inches (71.1 cm.) and anyway 27 inches (68.6 cm.). The extra weight in the ball at the beginning of the experience seriously isn’t greater than 16 ounces (.448 kg) or under 14 ounces .392 kg). Soccer balls wound up produced from leather however is made from household leather because leather can absorb water that causes the ball to obtain very heavy. Remember, the rule over the weight in the ball.


In 1855, Charles Goodyear designed and manufactured spherical footballs we were looking at made entirely of rubber. In 1863, the English Football Association was formed along with the rules of association football were established. However, there is no description in your ball size until 1873 in the event the decision was taken which kind of ball have to be spherical having a circumference of 27–28 in (69–71 cm).

Ahead of 1950s hawaii balls used during association football matches had dark colors because of the shade in the leather. In 1951 a white ball was permitted help spectators be informed about the ball easier because of the introduction of floodlights. Despite the fact that these people were used earlier in unofficial games, hawaii association football balls were permitted only in the mid-last century.


The very best soccer balls are stitched having a 5-ply twisted polyester cord and-end soccer balls are hand-stitched. Mid-priced balls are machine-stitched and cheap balls are glued together. The 32 panels are eliminate and pre-punched with holes for stitching. The stitching is done by turning the ball internally so not one of many stitches shows externally the ball. The snitcher uses methods for aid in assembling the panels in the proper order. Quantity needle is required to do the stitching of each and every one panel therefore, the final knot disappears. The finished ball is reversed along with the bladder is inserted and inflated in order for the needle still wouldn’t puncture the bladder. This ball is deflated and packed for delivery.

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A Complete Guide To Write Management Dissertation Before The Submission Deadline

University never grant a degree to the student if they fail to come up with a worthwhile management dissertation on time no matter if they are interested in writing or not. They have to do it by hook or crook. By and large, university students are assigned any topic or asked to select a topic on their own from the subject of their own.

Six Stages Of Writing A Management Thesis

Here is a basic guideline on how to write a high quality management dissertation:

1-First off, select a management thesis topic that is of your interest but make sure it is not very common and interesting enough to be accepted by the thesis supervisor.

2-Once your topics get accepted, you must commence writing the dissertation proposal in which you will tell the reader about what will you be searching about in your project and what kind of research methodologies for data collection will be applied.

3-You must now devise an outline for your project which will help you decide what information will be useful for your thesis and what should be not.

4-Commence your thesis project but before that make a schedule for writing otherwise you won’t be able to complete your project within time unless you are very fast.

5-Keep the structure of your thesis in mind which should be something like this:


Contents page


Literature review

Research methods

Presentation of data





6-Whatever the topic of your project is, keep in mind you have to strictly follow the style guide provided to you by your college of university supervisor.

Here are some interesting ideas that might help you to come up with a grade winning thesis:

Idea 1:

You can provide contestable opinion on the development of management over a certain period of time.

Chronological data from various authors may be used and analyzed in your project.

Idea 2:

Change management can be another good subject to be touched upon in your work which may include Kotter’s model as well to make it more informative.

Idea 3:

You can also analyze different management styles practiced in various companies as well and find out which style is most successful. You can visit and interview different managers as well to write your dissertation on management.

Idea 4:

The term, management is not limited to companies, our life needs proper management as well. Depression and stress is becoming common day by day which needs our attention. Thus, your stress management thesis will interest the readers a lot.

Therefore, you can consult the preceding recommendations and guidelines to come up with an interesting thesis before the submission deadline.

Donna Santos is a professional Educational Consultant and helping the students to accomplish their educational projects for many years. She posses a vast experience in her field and is ready to share knowledge and information with this managment dissertation.

Comprehensive Guideline On How To Write A Psychology Dissertation Before Deadline

If you are in a university and want to get your degree in your hands then apart from the studies, you will have to come up with a commendable thesis. It is not an overnight work; therefore, a writer has to spend a lot of time in searching for pertinent stuff.

There are some specific rules to write a psychology dissertation which a writer has to consider otherwise all his hard work goes in vain.

Original search is another key factor to devise a great thesis but that is time consuming as well. A thesis can be more complex for a writer as it involves intense knowledge and skills to understand typical human behavior.

To come up with such a thesis is difficult indeed but not impossible and we can guide you in step by step manner to write this thesis with ease.

Guidelines psychology dissertation writing:

How to decide a topic?

The first and the foremost thing is to select a topic for your thesis which can be daunting at times because you never know which topic will impress your supervisor and which will not. It is advisable not to go for a topic that is discussed thousands of time earlier.

How to conduct a search?

Search for a good amount of material on the topic you have selected over the internet but make sure whatever you are including is credible and from authentic sources because with such a heap of information on internet one cannot guarantee anything. You can use different types of primary and secondary sources to come up with good amount of data for your thesis.

Make an outline for your thesis:

Its time that you scan all the material and see which is pertinent and which is not? Exclude all those data which you think should not be included in your thesis.

This is how you will get to know how to write a psychology dissertation in no time. Outline will consist of the format through which you will write the entire thesis and all the major points you will discuss in your project.

Formulate a thesis statement:

Thesis statement is a backbone of your thesis, this is why; it is always given the utmost importance. Therefore, you must encapsulate the whole idea of your thesis into one single sentence. Make sure it gives the whole picture in a very concise manner and it is intriguing enough so that a reader decides to continue reading the later part of your thesis.

Decide a methodology:

There are many suggested methods for conducting research work out of which you have to decide which would better suit this one. Research methodology is based on the nature of topic you are planning to discuss.

Conduct experiments:

If there is a need to conduct experiment for your thesis then you must start performing it here in this section.

Summarize the results:

Experiments will obviously deliver you with some results. Therefore, here in this step you will summarize all the results you have found. There is a separate segment where you will discuss those results as well. The discussion should comprise of the answers to the following question:

Were you able to prove your hypothesis right?

Write the conclusion:

Wind up your work here by reconnecting the thesis statement in order to claim it right. Provide valid reasons of the results you concluded and how you were or were not able to prove your hypothesis right.

Hence, you must follow the preceding guidelines to write a psychology dissertation that will earn you appreciations from your supervisor.

Donna Santos is a professional Educational Consultant and helping the students to accomplish their educational projects for many years. She posses a vast experience in her field and is ready to share knowledge and information with this write a psychology dissertation.

Variations Of Basketball

Rule Variations

Games under these rules are still considered to be basketball, with variant rules suited to the circumstances.

Different roster sizes

An actual competitive game of basketball can be played with as few as two people. The game may be referred to by the number of people on each team; a six-player game may be referred to as “three-on-three” or “3-v-3” (“v” stands for “versus”). Each team’s roster is typically the same size, but an odd number of players may force one team to play with one less player. Sometimes the odd player will be designated as a “switch” player, so that the offensive team always has the extra player.

Roster sizes above five players per team are uncommon even in informal games, as the court generally becomes too crowded to allow movement and space to develop between players.

Six-on-six basketball was a form of basketball played in the twentieth century mainly among high school girls.

Three-on-three basketball remains competitively played by amateurs, for example in tournaments organized by the Association of College Unions International.

Variations in scoring

Because free throws are not generally used, baskets made in pick-up games generally count as 1 point. However, some courts have begun to add the 3-point goal to their pick-up scenario. Some courts keep scores inside the 3-point goal as 1 point and scores beyond it 2, while others use standard basketball scoring rules: 2 points for scores inside the 3-point goal and 3 points for scores outside.[citation needed]


Full-court games usually only commence if there are 10 players, and it can be difficult to reserve a full court for only 2 teams.

Basketball is therefore frequently played in a half-court setting, essentially doubling the number of players that can play on a court at once, and this mode of play is frequently required in busy locations like public gymnasiums or health clubs. It is sufficient for most aspects of practice, other than transition plays and pressure defense which specifically require a full court, and is often used in coaching situations; a common sight at games is a coach with a small chalk or dry-erase board with a printed half court diagram, suitable for drawing up plays during a timeout.

In half-court games, only one basket is used, with the requirement that the ball be “cleared” whenever possession of the ball changes. To clear the ball (or in more common usage to “backcourt” it), the team acquiring possession must pass or dribble the ball across the half court line (or 3-point line, see below) before attempting a shot. This simulates the time that would be required for the offensive team to advance the ball into the frontcourt, gives the defense a chance to take position, and provides all players with a visual and mental cue that their roles have reversed, making the half court game an excellent simulation of the full court game.

Slight variations on this basic clearance rule are common, and some situations may not require the new offensive team to clear the ball upon every change of possession. A clearance is almost always required after a defensive rebound, but it may not be required in turnover situations such as a steal, blocked shot, or airball (a shot that doesn’t touch basket or backboard); this simulates, to an extent, the fast break that might take place after a turnover. Common variations in clearance rules include:

“one pass out”hat on change of possession the ball must be passed to a teammate being the only requirement for clearance

“the bottle”he ball need only to be taken outside the foul lane/ foul circle; this is generally a good rule for very young players;

a combination of either clearance to the 3-point line or to the foul line.

Failure to “take the ball back” before shooting generally results in the ball being awarded to the opposing team or the team having to redo the possession.

The origin of the half-court game is unknown, but some form of it is likely almost as old as basketball, simply because it allows a small number of people to play without quickly becoming exhausted from running the length of the court after every change of possession. In modern times, the 3-point line is more commonly used as the clearance line (in fact the half-court line is often considered an out-of-bounds marker). The 3-point line is a shorter distance from the basket and allows a clearance in almost any direction, rather than directly opposite from the end line. When the half-court variation was invented, however, the 3-point line probably did not exist (it was invented in 1961 and was not widespread until the 1970s), and so the name “half-court” has stuck.

As well, there may be differences in restarting play after a violation or other stoppage of play in a half-court game. In full-court contests the ball is generally thrown in from a point near that of the infraction. This may also occur in half-court games, but more often play resumes from “out front”, that is, at a point on the court above the three point line; in either case a “courtesy” rule (also referred to as “checking the ball”) is commonly in effect: before the ball is put into play it is handed to a player of the opposing team, and may only be played upon its return. The goal of this is typically to ensure that all members of the opposing team are aware that the ball is about to be put into play, and it is usually the job of the person to whom the ball is being checked to ensure that his teammates are ready. Often the player who begins play is required to make a pass before he or his team is allowed to shoot for a basket; this rule variation is called “doubling in”.[citation needed]

One variation commonly seen in the half-court game is the “make-it-take-it” convention (also called “buckets,” “keeps,” “possession,” or “winners-out”), followed in some regions, whereby the scoring team retains possession of the ball.

Other Games Using Basketball Skills and Equipment

Steal The Bacon

Steal The Bacon is where two balls are placed in the middle of the court. Teams are divided up evenly with unlimited players, usually only 10 though. They each get a number. When their number is called the two run out to the middle and get the balls, the first one to make it gets a point for their team. Two numbers may be called out for a team effort. Also, you can use only one basketball and it is a race to get the ball and make it first.


Main article: 21 (basketball)

“Twenty-one” is a game that can be played with two or more players. Each player has his/her own score, with the winner being the first to reach 21 points. The game begins with one of the players “breaking”, which is to shoot one free throw with the ball to determine if he or she starts the game. While all other players can attempt to stop the score, the player who missed the last shot is usually the one “responsible” for playing defense against the next offensive player. However, no player has any teammates at any time in the game. The player with the ball may shoot at any time, and may collect his own rebound and shoot again. On a defensive rebound, the rebounder takes possession and must clear the ball by dribbling it beyond the three-point line before taking a shot. Whenever a basket is scored, that player receives two points and goes to the free throw line, where each made free throw tacks on another one point to their score. The player is allowed to shoot free throws until he misses, at which point another player must rebound the ball, and the sequence starts again. This game can be played with the concept of tipped shots, where a player tips the ball in the basket off of a rebound of an opposing player’s missed shot, the original shooter’s score is reset back to zero. The game can also be played with deductions, such as minus one point when a player air-balls a shot or commits a traveling violation. Twenty-one is nearly always played in a half court game.


5-3-1 is a variation of 21. You begin by attempting a shot from the free throw line. If you sink it, you earn 5 points. You must then get your own rebound from that shot, regardless of whether it goes in or not. When you get the rebound, you must stay at the spot that you grab the rebound. From there you attempt a shot and earn 3 points if you make it. Finally you get a third shot which is usually taken as a lay-up. If you make all 3, you go again. The first person to reach exactly 21 wins.

The game emphasizes free throws. If you sink the free throw, the second shot is usually easy although it can drift under and behind the basket and thereby setup a difficult second shot. If you miss the first shot,the rebound can send the ball far away also setting up a difficult second shot. The third shot is generally taken as a lay-up although many players are known to get frustrated at previous misses and will throw up a wild shot from wherever they are and give up the 1 point.

It is possible to reach 21 on your first turn. If you sink all 3 twice, you will have 18 points. The next free throw has to be missed and the ensuing 3 point shot has to be made and then the last shot has to be missed.


ATL Super Bowl bid: commish Roger Goodell

NFL commissioner Roger Goodell was in town for the Thursday night 2010 season premier on the NFL Network.

On his way to the NFL Network set before the Falcons and Ravens game, he stopped to give an exclusive interview to the Atlanta Journal-Constitution.

To Atlanta Falcons Fans
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Q: What does Atlanta have to do to get another Super Bowl?

A: I met with the Governor (elect Nathan Deal) earlier today. I think this is a great community. But as I mentioned to the people earlier today, the competition for the Super Bowl is really at an all-time high, in a large part because of the new stadiums. The provisions that they have for a new stadium in this great community, I think that’s a pretty powerful force. We have a history of going back to communities when they have those new stadiums.

Q: They are talking about an outdoor stadium. Would that hinder the Super Bowl bid?

A: We’ve been here before and we awarded the 2014 Super Bowl to New York.

The game is meant to be played in the elements.

Q: Could you talk about the job the Falcons are doing under Arthur Blank?

A: I think we are both fortunate to have Arthur Blank. The NFL and this community. He’s not only committed to putting a first class franchise together for this community, but he’s also very important on the league level. He has been very critical. He serves on a lot of our committees and is a great member for the league.”

Q: Are the Thursday Night games here to stay?

A: Well for the second half of the season, this is a great way to be able to continue bringing more football to more fans.

Q: Any progress or updates on the labor situation?

A: Not enough. We need to make more progress. provides over 100,000 products worldwide wholesale, including NFL, MLB, NBA and Soccer, most of which cost less than . Welcome to purchasing