Baltimore Ravens Super Bowl Victory Song – RAVENS STATE OF MIND

Ravens State Of Mind (Empire State of Mind Parody) No Copyright Infringement intended. Daddy and his girls back with a Super Bowl Victory Song for the team they love so much! (Lyrics below) Ravens State of Mind Yeah we hail from BMORE and as a matter of fact. We are Ravens Nation and we Bleed Purple and Black. Yeah they had some business goin’ down in N’Orleans. Super Bowl champs man Purple Reign’s Pourin’. They said it wasn’t happenin’, the season it was ruined. Every playoff game the analysts would always pick us losin’. But ya’ll know how our boys do, relish being underdogs. Hyped when they runnin’ through the tunnel comin’ out the fog. Always in the post season simply cause the plays tight. Fans singin’ Seven Nation Army by the White Stripes. Season after Season #winning like we Charlie Sheen. How is it you live in Maryland, and like another team. Hard for me to figure out Harder to imagine. Livin’ in a place that didn’t have the purple passion. Thank you Mr. Modell, hoping that you Rest In Peace. Lookin’ down from up above. Smilin’ and proud of your team in… In BMORE. Welcome to the Home of the Ravens. You’re in Purple Nation. Yes you’re in BMORE. If you don’t know then we’re gonna tell. We’re Kings of the NFL. Yes you’re in BMORE BMORE BMORE. So let me start with Flacco. Joe has been under some heat. Answering his critics on his way to becoming elite. The kid is always tested yet he’s breaking records. I’m thinking that the time has come for him to get respected
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