How Broncos could protect investment in Peyton Manning with NFL Draft

How Broncos could protect investment in Peyton Manning with NFL Draft
A: Anthony, the Broncos will address some things on the offensive line this offseason because they want to protect Peyton Manning better when they open up the formation — their preferred set in a three-wide receiver look. And Denver's needs to run the …
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| Justin Smith | Divisional Playoff vs Packers 2013 I ᴴᴰ 1080p |

Smith is expected to return to the field for Saturday night’s NFC divisional playoff game against Green Bay (12-5) at Candlestick Park, and, oh, how his teammates will welcome back “The Cowboy” as they try to chase down Aaron Rodgers and Co. Smith, the soft-spoken emotional leader of defensive coordinator Vic Fangio’s unit, missed the final two regular-season games with a partially torn left triceps muscle. His arm is now covered in a protective brace for practice, and everybody involved expects him to be ready to play for the NFC West champions (11-4-1). Coach Jim Harbaugh put it this way Wednesday: “God willing and the creek don’t rise, he will play.” Having the extra week of rest was a huge help for Smith’s health. San Francisco secured the NFC’s No. 2 seed with a win against Arizona and when Minnesota beat Green Bay in Week 17. It is the versatile Smith who makes this defense go – with his stingy pass-rushing and run-stopping. Sure, there’s Patrick Willis, NaVorro Bowman, Aldon Smith. And a talented, playmaking secondary. Smith is a smash-mouth footballer to the core. The definition of the blue-collar player Harbaugh so loves. Smith chips his teeth about once a season thanks to a refusal to wear a mouth guard because it restricts his breathing. “Justin, his presence just back on the practice field, I can tell you this, that there’s a character of our team that’s enhanced, is driven by Justin,” Harbaugh said earlier in the week. “And that’s the way I think of it
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What Is Soccer Game Without Soccer Goals

by Ezalis

What is English is to languages is soccer to sports, yes such is the popularity that it is hard to find people who have never heard about this sports around the world. When you hear the word soccer, the kind of enthusiasm that is exuded through the faces itself can speak volumes about the kind of command it is respecting from its enthusiasts. But irrespective of where it is played one thing without which is game is unthinkable is the soccer goals which is needed in every soccer. You have to consider that it is basically the thing that forms the basis for this game and having enough knowledge about it is essential for sport enthusiasts. It’s not alone soccer enthusiasts who should know about it even those who supply should have enough knowledge about it as this helps them to supply the right of product that best reflects the requirements. Well not requirements of goals are identical even though need is one but the requirements definitely do vary.

For those who are professional soccer players there are certain standards that are already laid out and well followed. But the same standards may not be required for a beginner because for starters there are different goals that are tailored to suit the requirement. While some might argue that for people who have just started out it’s not worth to invest in these goals, rather what they say is instead of focusing on such issues the focus should be more laid on improving the performance.

Whatever the arguments are every soccer field necessitates goal nets, some might even argue that it doesn’t make any difference. But it is just like playing without boundaries if it is to be played without one, just imagine if a player has to strike a score there need to be something that prevents the balls from going beyond the reach of the playing field. It’s not about what kind of goal nets are used it’s about the seriousness towards the game that brings out the sense of professionalism in sportspersons. If seriousness is not exhibited in such things then it is for sure to have its effect on the performance. Everyone who has witnessed the soccer game can understand the kind of enthusiasm that runs high when a ball hits the soccer goals, you can see the ecstatic fans dancing to numbers and their voices reaching the crescendo.

And for those who are dreaming to make it big into the scintillating world of soccer then you should work your way to it, soccer is no easy walk to take. It takes lot of strenuous efforts and skill combined with the right guidance would ensure your professional career to be on the raise. For those who are new to this world, you should go ahead and start practicing at your backyard and local grounds and then at the training academies from where you would be chosen into some professional clubs. For all these to happen first there should be enormous practice to be put into and for this to happen the right equipment is necessary to start with. You can get many good Soccer Balls and other related soccer equipment from many stores but the best one is through online where in you can pick the right one from your home. One of the popular online stores for all sorts of soccer equipment is Here you get the best of soccer balls and soccer goals at wholesale prices. Go grab yours.

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Baltimore Ravens defeat the New England Patriots 28-13 to Fly Into an Emotional Super Bowl 47

The Baltimore Ravens lead by Ray Lewis just defeated the New England Patriots to make Super Bowl 47 in what promises to be a great, great matchup. Not only is at a Harbaugh Brothers Bowl its going to be Ray Lewis’ final stand and that means the Ravens will be super charged. But expect the Niners to play tough. They haven’t lost a SB in their 5 previous appearances. Montana, Rice, and Steve Young may be gone but these young Niners are tough and resilient. Whatever the outcome expect Super Bowl 47 to a great, great matchup of two great teams!! Copyright Disclaimer Under Section 107 of the Copyright Act 1976, allowance is made for “fair use” for purposes such as criticism, comment, news reporting, teaching, scholarship, and research. Fair use is a use permitted by copyright statute that might otherwise be infringing. Non-profit, educational or personal use tips the balance in favor of fair use Under section 107, the fair use of a copyrighted work is not copyright infringement, even if such use technically violates section 106. While fair use explicitly applies to use of copyrighted work for criticism, news reporting, teaching, scholarship, or research purposes, the defense is not limited to these areas.
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“Felonyland” with Kevin Wildes | The Best BS

Bill Simmons and Kevin Wildes’s latest half-baked idea, “Felonyland,” is a theme park for adults where you get to act out your criminal fantasies. This stems from the fact that every time Bill sees a Brink’s truck he plots how he would rob it. Visit Grantland: Grantland on Twitter Grantland on Facebook: The BS Report Podcast: Grantland Network Podcasts:
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Nhl Power Rankings

Power Rankings for this week.  A special thanks to, BlueJacketsHockey

1. San Jose Sharks (26-4-3) 55 points

Yes, I know they lost twice this week and once to the Blue Jackets, but as of now I still think, by a slight edge they are the best in the NHL right now.

2. Detroit Red Wings (22-6-4) 48 points

Yea, they were one of the teams that beat the sharks last week and I know I’ll have some angry Bruins fans, but they beat the best team in the NHL, they gotta be here.

3. Boston Bruins (24-5-4) 52 points

Don’t get me wrong Bruins, I think you are a great team and that you will someday be 1 or 2, but the Wings beat the Sharks last week and I don’t think it’s fair to make the Sharks move from 1 to 3 when right now, they are still the best team in the leauge, but I think that the Bruins may be number 1 in a few weeks to come.

4. Chicago Blackhawks (18-6-7) 43 points

Can you say on fire? I’m not sure the Blackhawks can’t beat anyone right now there on a 7 game win streak right now, and I don’t care who you beat 7 games in the NHL is impressive, and Toews and Kane are two guys that can make things like that happen for you, also great goaltending by Nikolai Kabibulin, and Cristobal Huet.  That’s the game to watch this week friday night, Flyers and Hawks.

5. New York Rangers (22-12-2) 46 points

They look solid as always, and yes I am taking into account that they have played alot more games than every one, but even if you let people catch up they are still doing just about as good as the Flyers or Caps. Even without Jaramir Jagr they have been able to consistantly put up points and that is the key to success.


Philadelphia Flyers (18-8-7) 43 points

With an impressive 7-1 win against the Caps this saturday I think they Flyers have hit a hot streak and they are still without Breiere.  I think when he comes back, you will see an extremly effective offense and an underrated goaltender blosum in Antero Nittymaki.

7. New Jersey Devils (19-9-3) 41 points

Speaking of hot, is there anyone who can beat the Devils? (BlackHawks) This team is 7-1-1 this month and they can prove there selfs this week if they can beat the Bruins, Pens, and Rangers.  I think if they can take 2 of those 3 then more people will start to notice the Devils are for real, even without Brodeur.

8. Washington Capitals (20-11-3) 43 points

They are playing good hockey right now, problem is alot of teams are playing better hockey, they need to start getting a little more effective in the defensive end, especially in the slot area, and I still think it’s a misstery why they sent down Simeon Varlamov, he was 2-0 with a GAA of 1.50 and a save % of .953. Also known as alot better than Jose Theodore, but hey, maybe that’s why I’m here doing this and I’m not in the front office.

9. Montreal Canadians (18-9-6) 42 points

After being cold for a while, a win against a solid Sabres team has put them back on track, If there injuries heal up any time soon they could make a run and get in good playoff position by the break.

10. Pittsburgh Penguins (17-11-4) 38 points

They have been playing sub-par latley, and just got thromped by a not so impressive Maple Leafs team.  Malkin keeps puttin up points, but what does it matter if your falling out of the playoff picture.

11. Calgary Flames

12. Vancouver Canucks

13. Anaheim Ducks

14. Buffalo Sabres

15. Carolina Hurricanes

16. Phoenix Coyotes

17. Minnesota Wild

18. Nashville Predators

19. Florida Panthers

20. Toronto Maple Leafs

21. Colorado Avalanche

22. Columbus Blue Jackets (14-15-4)  32 points

The Columbus Blue Jackets had a overtime win over the previously only 5 time beaten, San Jose Sharks 2-1 in OT. On the very next night they played the Dallas Stars and put in their goalie that just came off the injury list, Pascal LeClarie. He gave up 5 goals in the 3 periods though the Blue Jackets also answered with 5 goals. In the shootout stars won 2-0. CBJ this week, 1-2

23. Edmonton Oilers

24. Ottawa Senators

25. Los Angeles Kings

26. Dallas Stars

27. Atlanta Thrashers

28. St. Louis Blues

29. Tampa Bay Lightining

30. New York Islanders

My Top 3 Contendors for MVP

1.Evgeni Malkin- He has been so efficent on the powre play this year at the point and it seems that when ever I see the Pens on a power play on TV they score and if it’s an assist or a goal he is always in on it, and he is similar to last years MVP (Alex Ovechkin) In that he bring alot of energy to the team, and who wouldn’t love to play with that

2. Alex Ovechkin- He had an average week, but week in and week out Malkin always has great weeks, Ovechkin has been a goal scoring machine latley, but not so much this week, I think he should get right back into the swing of things against the Rangers.

3. Jeff Carter- He has been great this year, and I’m not sure anyone could have called this season, he is first in the NHL in goals (25) and 6th in points (39) he also plays great Defense and forces alot of turnovers, and most importantly his team is successful right now.  If the Flyers keep winning, and he keeps putting pucks in the back of the net, I think he might stay on this list, and even climb up it.

My Top 3 Contendors for Defensiveman of the year

1. Dion Phaneuf- The guy just continues to play physical hockey and never let’s so much as a pop corn vendor go by him, he is also contributing on the offensive end with 20 assists.  i think it will be a while before someone knockes him of this list.

2. Zdeno Chara- He plays the boards so well and now in the NHL it is hard to cut threw teams so when you have a big body like him who understands his size, and what his limitations are, you have an unstoppable force on defense, which creates a good offense.  And that’s why the Bruins are playing so well right now.

3. Mike Green- Skates like a center, toe drags like a winger and hits like a Defensman.  If he had the smart of the two guys above him, and didn’t have the injury problems, he might be first on this list, he throws tuns of open ice checks, which you don’t get from D guys as much these days.  I think if he can stay health he might go up this list.

My Top 3 Contendors for goaile of the year

1. Henrick Lundqvist- He is playing great hockey right now with a record of 18-10-2 with a stagering save % of .913 just a little bit better defense and that record might look a lot better and there power ranking might go up a little bit too.

2. Evgeni Nabokov- He hasn’t played as many games as he’s liked this year because of injury, but he’s 18-3-2.  it’s hard to argue that, if he gets healthy he might be number one and the Sharks might beat everyone they play.

3. Roberto Luongo- He’s still hurt and I think this might be his last week on this list for a while.  He has 5 shut outs and his defense is not all that great he’s 11-5-2, and it would be better if he was a bruin, or a shark.  I hope he can get healthy so he can keep making great saves, and giving offenses fits.

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World Football: Mario Balotelli's Career in Numbers

Mario Balotelli in nazionale!
Mario Balotelli
Image by massimo ankor
[I have a dream]
Mario Balotelli nasce il 12/08/90 a Palermo da emigranti ghanesi che lo abbandonano all’età di 2 anni. Viene adottato dalla famiglia Balotelli, una famiglia che ha già tre figli. Alto 189 cm per 85 kg di peso, gli vengono attribuiti soprannomi come Super Mario e Super Mario Balotelli.
E’ entrato nella storia perchè è stato il più giovane marcatore dell’Inter in Champions League segnando all’età di 18 anni nella partita Anorthosis-Inter finita 3-3. Ha fatto parecchie apparizioni nella nazionale under 21 segnando un po’ di gol ma manca ancora l’esordio in nazionale maggiore.

World Football: Mario Balotelli's Career in Numbers
Mario Balotelli is one of the most controversial figures in world football at the moment and in just six seasons he has gone from squad player at Inter Milan to polarizing figure at Manchester City and now AC Milan. Balotelli swapped England for Italy …
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Wounded Warrior Project Super Bowl PSA

Wounded Warrior Project is part of the Super Bowl excitement, thanks to our friends at CBS and the NFL. This amazing PSA donated by CBS reminds us that it’s only through the sacrifices of our military men and women that we can enjoy this great American tradition. Our deepest thanks to CBS and the NFL for this incredible opportunity to highlight the challenges facing our nation’s military and their families. In addition, the PSA encourages viewers to show their appreciation for veterans by making a gift to Wounded Warrior Project. Donate online now at or text WWP to 50555 to give via your phone. When prompted, reply YES to confirm. Charges will appear on your wireless bill or will be deducted from your prepaid balance for the .00 donation to Wounded Warrior Project. All purchases must be authorized by account holder. Must be 18 years of age or have parental permission to participate. Msg&Data Rates May Apply. Text STOP to 50555 to STOP. Text HELP to 50555 for HELP. Full Terms: Privacy Policy: