NFL Playoffs 2013 Wild Card – Seattle Seahawks vs Washington Redskins – 2nd Qrt – Madden ’13 – HD

All-Madden CPU Simulation + Game Preview in Description! Preview and link, The NFL postseason has finally started, and the road to Super Bowl XLVII is upon us. The road for the Washington Redskins and the Seattle Seahawks begins at FedEx Field, in Washington on Sunday. Out of all the games this weekend, this one has the most exciting main story to it, with many great subplots, which should make for a classic game. The main story of this game is the battle between the two rookie QBs, Russell Wilson and Robert Griffin III. Wilson and RG3 are two of the front runners in the rookie of the year ballot, and on Sunday they will play each other. RG3 had huge expectations coming into the NFL while Wilson did not. They both have performed amazingly for their team. They both have great running back behind them, and they have both performed in the clutch. The big difference in this game is that Wilson will be going against one of the worst secondaries in the league, one that ranks 30th in passing yards allowed. RG3 will be going against arguably the best secondary in the league, one that has just gotten back Brandon Browner. This will be a huge challenge for RG3 Both teams also have great rushing attacks. Seattle’s is fueled by Marshawn Lynch. His angry, run-you-over, style of running has helped the Seahawks win many a game. Washington has rookie sensation Alfred Morris who is the second leading rusher in the league behind Adrian Peterson. In an Luck, Wilson

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